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Florida Troubled Teen Programs - Below is a list of troubled teen programs in Florida. You can browse them and check the programs and services they provide. If you are looking for a troubled teen program in another state besides Florida please click on the appropriate link in the sidebar to find a troubled teen program in the state you are. The best therapeutic programs and boarding schools for troubled teens in Florida can be found in this directory, and free help for parents seeking such therapy for their teenager. The programs for troubled teens included in this directory are among the best in the nation, ensuring that you find the best help available Programs for Troubled Teens from Florida. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is one of the nation's leading Programs for Troubled Teens from Florida, providing them treatment and recovery with long term results. By incorporating the philosophy of the Arbinger Institute, WinGate embraces a unique approach wherein every adolescent is treated with respect and empathy and focus is placed not so much on. Mentor Report Online Contact your Cadet NEW Apply Now NEW News & Events Online Florida youth Challenge academy To empower at-risk youth to become successful, productive citizens by leading, training and mentoring them through a highly disciplined and motivational environment, free from outside distractions

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Since 1985, House of Hope Orlando has been helping hurting teens find hope, healing and restoration. About Us Founded in 1985 by Sara Trollinger, House of Hope is a faith ministry, residential program for troubled teens Call us today at 1-800-901-7347 to get started. Read more to learn if a military school for troubled teenagers is the best program for your teen. Help Your Teen Now Says Boot Camps and Military Schools In Florida Are Not The Best Option for Troubled Teen

Our program is located in Southern Idaho, but we help teens and families from all over the country, including Florida. Wilderness therapy has the same fun and adventurous activities you would find in summer camps for troubled teens. However, the environment of wilderness therapy is much more focused on helping teens overcome their struggles JOB CORPS (Free - NATIONWIDE) Job Corps is a free education and vocational skills training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible youth at least 16 years of age, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and life Please call Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347 and get a free consultation on what your teen needs as far as therapeutic and alternative boarding schools in Florida, and so much more. Why Call Help Your Teen Now? Help Your Teen Now was started by a woman with troubled teens of her own

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  1. Transitional living programs for troubled young adults from Florida are providing miracles. If you are a parent of a struggling young man or young woman, call TTS. We can help you get a discount, scholarship, or insurance funding in the best transitional living program. Call 866-439-8112
  2. As many as 2.8 million children run away * from home each year. CINS/FINS Residential services offer short-term, residential shelters for runaways and troubled youth, as well as individual and family counseling. Our goal is to protect and house teens in crisis. The goal of shelters for runaway youth and children is to help reunite families, identify issues, and help resolve them
  3. Serving Central Florida since 1970, La Amistad offers residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. The programs serve youth ages 12-17 and adults 18-65 with behavioral.
  4. g in school if not completely failing classes — we've even witnessed a rise in truancy and youth that were once excelling that are now barely passing
  5. Florida boot camps may be helpful for for troubled teen boys in Florida, but also check out Agapé - we can also help you find boarding schools, schools troubled teens, military school directories, and Christian boarding schools. Other troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for teens are often quite costly, but this one of.

Should you need help finding military boarding schools, residential schools for troubled teens, homes for troubled kids or behavioral schools for boys, please let us know.Teens we treat who are misbehaving could be struggling with mental or emotional issues like depression, ADHD, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or an anxiety disorder such as post-traumatic stress or obsessive-compulsive disorder Troubled Teens Programs for Youth from the Orlando, FL area Often, parents are told to find a boot camp for troubled teens as a place that they can send their struggling son or daughter to. While this initially sounds like a good idea, most parents don't realize that boot camps are harsh, and more harmful for teens than no treatment at all Boarding schools for troubled teens in Florida can help your troubled child get back on track. The boarding schools contained in besttherapeuticboaringschools.com are the best available for troubled teens in Florida. Unhealthy behavior in teens can refer to a wide assortment of troubles Equinox RTC, one of the leading Residential Programs For Troubled Youth from Florida, understands how challenging finding the best fit for your son can be. As a residential treatment center for teen boys ages 14-18, Equinox RTC specializes in helping young men achieve academic and therapeutic success. Equinox RTC helps Florida teens through an. With our program, struggling young girls can regain the confidence to succeed. Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Asheville Academy for Girls welcomes troubled girls from every state, including Florida, to have the therapeutic experience of a lifetime. For more information, call 1-800-264-8709 today

Help For Troubled Teens From Florida. When teens from Florida are struggling with serious issues, then it is incredibly important that they get the help they need.At Elevations RTC, we seek to provide these teens with the help and guidance they need. Our program has been carefully designed to change the lives of teens who need help. Sending a struggling teen to a place outside of their. Call (800) 560-1599 today! Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness therapy program that provides life skills training, adventure programs, and substance abuse recovery for troubled teens. Through such outdoor therapy, struggling teens from Florida will find success and sobriety The Best Alternative to Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in Florida. If you're a parent with a troubled teen and have been searching for therapeutic boarding schools in Florida, Diamond Ranch Academy is a gorgeous alternative in southern Utah that provides your child with the splendor of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park Homes for troubled teens and boarding schools for teens don't typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but these programs do. Among the top therapeutic schools, our list of therapeutic boarding schools shows the best therapeutic schools with counseling - also referred to as schools for troubled teens

By David Bolthouse I Jul 09, 2021. Treasure Coast Boys Academy is a 15-month residential boarding school just for boys. It has an on-campus accredited, private school registered with the State of Florida. It is a safe haven for boys ages 12-17 years of age with out-of-control behaviors. The non-profit program is designed to bring about a.. Common Issues Teens From Florida Face. Issues that teens face during the adolescent years have the capability to cause long term consequences. For example, some of the statistics regarding teens in Florida include: 15 percent of Florida teens use illegal drugs on a monthly basis. 14 percent of teens drink alcohol every month Boot camps can help troubled teens if they are coupled with an ongoing program like Gateway offers. We invite you to look beyond Pensacola, Florida, for what may be the best situation your boya program with a boot camp element, but also ongoing instruction and mentoring for a longer period of time. Gateway is Located in the Panhandle of Florida Should you need help finding schools for troubled youth, boarding schools for troubled youth, girls military school, boarding schools with therapy, or behavioral counseling centers, or private boarding schools, please let us know.Teen Challenge adolescent programs are boarding schools for teens who are misbehaving and need a safe place and strong education to help them prepare for their future

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Programs for Troubled Teens from Miami, FL. As a top program for troubled teens, serving troubled teenage boys and girls and families from the Miami, FL area, Elevations RTC helps adolescents struggling with a variety of challenging conditions, including substance use, mental health issues, oppositional behaviors, sexual promiscuity, lack of motivation, and much more Finding Help for Your Florida Teen with Programs for Troubled Teens. Wilderness Therapy programs for troubled teens from Florida combine the use of nature with traditional therapeutic approaches. Therapeutic techniques such as Equine therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy are just a few ways BlueFire Wilderness helps Florida teens ages 11 to 17 Best Boarding Schools in Florida . Restore Troubled Teens (RTT) is a leading family advocacy organization assisting the parents of troubled teens from Florida find the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools and treatment facilities for their adolescent's particular needs. With access to the nation's best treatment programs, the experienced team of family advocates at RTT are committed to. Liahona Academy has emerged as a successful program for a range of troubled teens with more than 15 years of experience in providing therapeutic programs to boys from Florida. Our program helps troubled teens struggling with a wide array of real personal issues, like ADD/ADHD, low self-esteem, defiance issues, anger issues, anxiety, depression. Boot camps can help troubled teens if they are coupled with an ongoing program like Gateway offers. We invite you to look beyond Kissimmee, Florida, for what may be the best situation your boya program with a boot camp element, but also ongoing instruction and mentoring for a longer period of time. Gateway is Located in the Panhandle of Florida

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However, therapeutic programs like residential treatment centers in Florida for troubled boys have shown to be the most successful in implementing long-term changes. Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center for troubled boys and is dedicated to helping them and their families heal and find hope again The teen years are full of great change for everyone, but some kids struggle more than others. Thankfully, even if you don't have the resources for expensive care, several free programs are available to help troubled teens recover and claim a bright future. Many organizations specialize in certain issues regarding teens Programs for troubled teens, such as Asheville Academy for Girls, can provide Florida parents and children with the assistance necessary to help a troubled girl find her way back to success. We don't necessarily like the word troubled as we have had years of experience watching girls overcome the troubles they've faced

T herapy wilderness programs for troubled teens near Florida are unique in the fact that they are outdoor adventures that also assess and treat the underlying issues causing your teen's problematic behavior. MyTroubledTeen represents the very best wilderness therapy programs in the US. For more information about the top wilderness therapy programs call us today at (866) 492-9454 Programs for Struggling Youth Melbourne, FL. There are many types of programs for struggling youth from Melbourne, FL:. Mental health treatment centers - offer living facilities that give short-term therapeutic intervention (usually a year or less). These programs for struggling youth focus on the unique needs of each individual so their mental health obstacles can be fully and efficiently. Explore your options we offer comprehensive information for parents about military schools, boot camps and juvenile boot camps for your troubled teen. CALL NOW TO GET HELP 800-781-8281 | Se habla Espanol 800-591-011

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At the end of the program we will guide your reunification with your child, walking you through getting to know the new person they have become. If you're considering programs for troubled youth in Florida, please contact Trails Carolina at 800-975-7303 or by filling out the form to the right Basic Center Program Grant Period 2017 - 2020 Crosswinds Youth Services Cocoa, FL Phone: (321) 452-0800 crosswindsyouthservices.org. Covenant House Florida Fort Lauderdale, FL Phone: (800) 683-8338 (toll free) Phone: (954) 561-5559 www.covenanthousefl.org. CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services Gainesville, FL Phone: (352) 334-3800 www.cdsfl. 13,000+ Experiences for Students in Grades 7-12. Discover how spending time in the world outside the classroom can help teens do better in school, during the college admissions process and in their adult lives. Our mission is to connect students, parents and educators with the best experiential learning opportunities for middle- and high-school. While Teen Wilderness Programs are more effective and offers more proven therapeutic options. Wilderness programs also removes your troubled teen from their negative environment giving your child the opportunity for personal growth without familiar distractions. In short, wilderness programs are proven to be more effective than boot camps Although most parents would like to avoid having to send their troubled child to a full time, therapeutic facility, it is sometimes the best option. Finding the program that will be most helpful can be intimidating and many start their search by looking at military schools in Florida. Although a program within the state seems [

Family consultants - giving help to parents of at-risk adolescents in your state. troubledteens.com is a leading comprehensive, online source of treatment facilities painstakingly created by a party of skilled and devoted mental health counselors, who have given help to numerous parents and troubled teen boys and girls in your state in the past two decades For the past 10 years, tough love camps have grown in tremendous popularity as a leading treatment for troubled children. These programs for troubled teens are based on experiential education and behavioral models and on the philosophy that in order to help a teenager who is getting in a lot of trouble, he needs to be treated sternly and harshly with the intent to help him or her in the long run Therapeutic U.S. Boarding School Directory-- Directory of the best therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens and children. Placement counseling is free. Ombudsman Program for At Risk Teens -- accredited, alternative learning option with school districts across the US for middle school and high school student

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Fighting the troubled teen industry. NYRA has collaborated with a coalition of advocacy groups to write this letter calling on Congress to shut down all private youth programs. If you want to help us free the youth held in these programs you can download the letter and email it to your Representative and Senators Discovery Ranch for Girls offers the perfect healing environment for troubled teens with mental health or behavioral issues. The Residential Treatment Program is located on a beautiful 60-acre ranch. However, it is also only 10 minutes from the urban hub of Cedar City, Utah Girls schools in St. Petersburg, Florida may not accept troubled girls like these programs do, so check here forTherapeutic boarding school can be powerful, structured programs that help turn around troubled teens. in St. Petersburg, Florida - therapeutic schools and emotional growth schools Lakeland Girls Academy is a residential home and school specifically designed for girls who are struggling with life-controlling issues. LGA student residences, kitchen/dining, and school are located in a 10,000 square foot home-like facility on acreage nestled in a middle-class community. There are ample areas for physical activities on the.

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Therapeutic Boarding School Provides Serious Help for Troubled Teens Shepherd's Hill Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that serves boys and girls from ages 12 to 17. We are located in the northeast Georgia Mountains on 185 acres in the town of Martin, Georgia, about 300 miles north of Jacksonville Programs for Troubled Teen Programs in Florida. Best therapeutic boarding schools and programs for troubled teenage boys and girls in Florida - school for troubled teens and programs for troubled teens. Call Us Toll-Free at (888) 940-6278 CLICK FOR IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT HELP Troubled Teens Programs - Professional Help for Troubled Teens. Do you have a troubled teen who needs help? Fortunately, you have many options of help for troubled teens available, including a boarding school for troubled teens or residential treatment center. Many teenagers experience disorders, such as teenage depression or substance abuse Treasure Coast Academy. Treasure Cost Academy is a residential boarding school in Florida just for troubled boys. It is also an accredited, private school registered with the State of Florida. The ranch property is located on a 30-acre parcel, in Vero Beach, Florida. Read More Program for Troubled Teens. Shepherd's Hill Academy provides a comprehensive approach to healing. The success of the programs at Shepherd's Hill Academy are due to the preeminence of a biblically-based approach.This Christ-centered therapeutic approach has proven to bring hope, healing, and transformation to the lives of families in crisis using a safe and secure authoritative community model

Military schools in Orlando Florida — Help for troubled teenage boys in Orlando Florida. - we can also help you find alternative schools, group homes for troubled youth, private therapeutic schools, and help for troubled teenagers. Other troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for teens are often quite costly, but this one. Schools for troubled girls in Florida: Christian boarding school in Central Florida for difficult teens. Therapeutic programs for at-risk girls with behavioral/ emotional problems & addiction issues, private middle & high school in Lakeland-Winter Haven metro area, between Tampa & Orlando Our Programs. Diamond Ranch Academy is different by design. We are a premiere youth residential treatment center with elite private boarding school opportunities. Struggling teens achieve success with our personalized therapeutic approach. We have six treatment programs located on one 55-acre campus. This structure is uniquely designed to. Should you need help finding best boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, affordable addiction rehabs, homes for troubled kids, please let us know.Safe Harbor is a home for troubled boys. It serves at-risk boys from homes in Florida, Georgia, in Kentucky, in Tennessee, in Missouri, in Louisiana, in Arkansas, and in Texas Treasure Coast Boys Academy and Ranch enrolls approximately 50 troubled teenage boys from cities like Stuart, Florida at our therapeutic boarding school located on 30 acres surrounded by working ranches and orchards.. In the course of the 15-month program, we work to develop character, integrity, hard work, and respect. We promote an atmosphere of positive peer pressure

ARISE life skills facilitator training programs encompass many topics and feature vibrant, attention grabbing and interactive group sessions. Particularly valuable are positive strategies for accommodating youth who bring anger, bullying and emotional problems to group sessions. Add training and life skills curriculum as part of your grant. We offer drug addiction treatment for youth from Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and throughout America. Call Us Toll-Free. 24/7 at (800) 329-1825. New Adventure Treatment Center is a residential addiction treatment program of Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch MST is a scientifically proven intervention for at-risk youth. Therapists work in the home, school and community and are on call 24/7 to provide caregivers with the tools they need to transform the lives of troubled youth. With over 60 studies assessing outcomes, MST is proven to change the lives of juvenile offenders and their families Treasure Coast Boys Academy and Ranch serves approximately 50 troubled teenage boys from cities like Vero Beach, Florida at our therapeutic boarding school on a 30-acre parcel surrounded by ranch and orchard country.. Over the 15-month program, we emphasize character, integrity, hard work, and respect. We create a culture of positive peer pressure Christ-centered Residential Treatment. Many parents prefer the approach of Christian residential treatment centers to the more rigid protocols of the military boot-camp style programs. True Christian programs aren't ideally suited to help all troubled teens but just as the Lord works in mysterious ways, Christian programs often show remarkably dramatic transformations very quickly

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Company Location. 500 Governors Drive. Huntsville, AL 35801. 256-518-9998. Company Description. The programs of The Pinnacle Schools provide diagnostic, assessment, education and intervention services for troubled teens, ages 12-18, and their families. The programs are based on a medical model with 24-hour medical/nursing care Boarding School for Girls Who are Struggling with Behavior, Education, or Life-Controlling Issues. Columbus Girls Academy is a year-round Christian boarding school with a specialty of helping girls ages 12-17 who are struggling with rebellion, social awkwardness, academic failure, respect for authority, or who are self-destructing or exhibiting dangerous behavior At Risk Youth Programs For Your Florida Son. Equinox RTC is one of the leading at-risk youth programs in the country, helping young men from across the country including Florida. We provide the best psychological care and foster a supportive and positive environment in which your son can heal from past traumas and build important life skills Troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for addicted teens provide troubled pre-teen and teenage boys with counseling and addiction treatment. Let us know if you need help with best boarding schools , troubled teen ranches , affordable therapeutic boarding schools or boarding high schools

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Also, troubled teens from homes along the east coast including in Virginia, in North Carolina, in South Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in New Jersey, in Massachusetts and in New York. Florida maritime program helps at-risk and underperforming boys, dramatized in the Hallmark movie, Safe Harbo Residential Program Our Residential Crisis Care services offer support and guidance for youth ages 10-17 years old that are threatening to run away, have run away, are homeless, ungovernable, truant, or school-related concerns and are in need of respite care services. Learn More Family Link Family Link provides free, confidential outpatient counseling for families experiencin Formerly a Girl Scout Camp, the Florida Sheriffs Youth Camp was acquired by the Youth Ranches in 1982. It consists of 200 acres of forested property near Barberville. The Youth Camp operates part of the year as a summer camping program, serving hundreds of dependent, neglected, and troubled youth

Behavior Modification Programs Lakeland, FL. Turning Winds is one of the nation's top-notch academic Therapeutic Boarding Schools focused on assisting at-risk adolescent boys and girls from Lakeland, FL with overcoming behavior issues. Making the shift into teenage and adolescent years can be a brutal time for adolescents, and for some, it can be more difficult than others The Central Florida Youth Club of America makes It easy. This is a great Place to Mentor and Coach teens in many aspects of life! Working is just 1 part of our program designed to Help the Youth of Today for a better Tomorrow by teaching them to Earn their own Way in Life! Working with many local companies and programs in Central Florida, we. Stillwater Academy is a therapeutically-intensive, relationship-based, family-oriented treatment program (long-term residential, intensive outpatient and day-treatment) for boys and girls ages 12-17 from all over the US and Canada who need help getting their lives back on track. We help heal the root cause (s) of your teen's poor choices so.

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Teen Driver Programs. Message from Sheriff Ivey: The Brevard County Sheriff's Office is committed to protecting our young drivers while doing everything possible to significantly reduce the number of injuries and deaths associated with traffic accidents.The Florida Sheriff's Association's Teen Driving Challenge is a hands on course that improves driving skills, vehicle awareness. Participation in an ANASAZI program requires personal responsibility and accountability; however, no force, contrived experiences, manipulation, confrontation, point or level systems, or other behavioral modification techniques or models are employed. Troubled teens need proven intervention, not boot camp Teen Treatment Centers in Pinellas County provide evidence-based treatment programs that help your teen heal from substance abuse, addiction, depression, and more Our job is finding you work. Workforce Development gives teens and adults the skills they need to get hired. Learn More Online Application. Kids belong in. the community. Our innovative juvenile justice services give juvenile offenders the chance to rehabilitate and grow. Learn More In addition to providing services during the course of a youth's normal school day, most AMIkids programs provide treatment, enrichment, and support activities during after-school hours in the afternoon, evening, and during weekend. AMIkids Program Enhancements - These services may be provided as a stand-alone or supplementary program

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At Risk Youth Programs, Troubled Youth Schools and Services. Adolescence is an extremely challenging time for a child, and when a child is at risk of jeopardizing his future by making poor choices and creating chaos at home, it impacts the entire family. The at-risk youth programs website was launched in September 2003 to help parents Elk River Treatment Program for Troubled Teens The Elk River Teen Treatment Program is a therapeutic & academic program for troubled teens ages 12 to 18. Our teen treatment program provides diagnostic, assessment, education and therapeutic treatment services to youth that are struggling with behavior, mental health and/or substance abuse issues Our therapeutic boarding school in Montana for boys is committed to improving the lives of individuals by providing a program dedicated to helping troubled teens and their families recover from the destructive effects of behavior-related problems. i. Toll-Free: 866.694.8882 admissions@pji.xsc.mybluehost.me. While group homes can be an effective solution for troubled teens, it is important to choose one that is established, accredited and safe. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that offers assistance to troubled boys from Florida and across the country Programs for troubled girls in Florida: Christian boarding school between Tampa & Orlando for at-risk teen girls with behavioral/ emotional problems / addiction issues, private middle & high school programs. Residential school for difficult girls in Central Florida, in the Lakeland-Winter Haven metro area


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Please see the Message to Parents and Troubled Teen Industry pages to learn more about abusive, privately operated teen programs. The entire site is also a must read for any parent considering placing their child in a privately run facility for troubled teens. Save. Sav Providence Pass offers year-round residential care and is one of America's finest therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teen girls. Tap To Call 844-244-284

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A therapeutic boarding school, Asheville Academy for Girls combines the best of residential treatment, a camp for troubled girls, and a boarding school. At our highly-acclaimed program, young girls receive the full school experience in a safe, nurturing environment. By combining schooling and therapy, Asheville Academy for Girls allows both. SNAP® helps troubled children and their parents learn how to effectively manage their emotions and 'keep problems small'. The gender-sensitive SNAP® Boys and SNAP® Girls programs are designed for children ages 6-11 who are engaging in aggressive, anti-social behavior and/or have come into contact with authority figures at school or in.

The Heartlight Boarding School has been home to more than 2,500 teens throughout the years. Known for its excellent and successful program, Heartlight offers a safe haven for 56 young men and women who need help getting their life in order. We strive for excellence in our program, activities, facility, and staff, where an atmosphere of. Turn to the ChallenNGe program (capital letters stand for National Guard) in your state to find free help. Boot Camp for Troubled Youth in Maryland If you are looking for a boot camp for troubled youth in Maryland, the Maryland Freestate ChalleNGe Academy is endorsed by the state and run by the Maryland National Guard and the National Guard Bureau Troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for teens are often quite costly, but this one of few residential treatment centers and residential schools for teens that is affordable. NLA is an all-girl school that provides troubled pre-teen and teenage girls with counseling and adolescent therapy

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Intercept Expeditions for Struggling Teens & Young Adults. Communication. Conflict resolution skills. Awareness of self and others. These are the things that strong families - and strong individuals - are made of. Our Intercept expeditions help families with teens struggling at home or in school realize that they are not alone; they are in. Most of our troubled teen residents come from California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, and through the South and midwest states. Let us know if you need help with schools for troubled teens, religious boarding schools, boarding schools with therapy or home for troubled teens 10 Low Cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth Published on October 2, 2017 at 4:53 am by Ida Konjicija in Lists Share Tweet Emai Our boys ranch is a therapeutic program that offers hope and an opportunity for a new and more productive future for at-risk boys. Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding school and ranch providing behavioral therapy for troubled teenage boys. For a troubled boy, our therapeutic boarding school is among the best therapeutic schools Therapeutic Programs; FREE HELP; About Us. We're a service that provides the parents of troubled teens with help finding counseling or residential boarding schools. If you need help finding such a program, please call us toll-free at 888-218-2125, anytime. We offer free placement assistance

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Limited Time: Rates As Low As $3,000/mo. Caribbean Mountain Academy is a year-round, Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens that are struggling with behavioral issues or academics. We minister to American troubled teenagers in crisis Boarding schools, at-home family programs and treatment facilities are some options for managing troubled youth. Each state has several programs for troubled teens, run by the Department of Justice and private companies. These schools differ widely on their philosophies of rehabilitation To compile this list of 10 low cost boarding schools for troubled youth, I used a couple of websites that offer advice to parents of troubled youth. Some of them include Teen Challenge Schools. Providing Young People a Bright Future. Military School USA provides comprehensive information about military schools and academies in America. Military schools can be the right choice for students who need a well-rounded education (mind, body, and spirit). Many parents and students find that knowledge is not the only thing needed to succeed in life Questions to Ask a Troubled Teen Program Ask Our Admissions Team - Call Zion Educational Services 1-866-471-8579 At Zion Educational Systems , we encourage parents to ask our admissions personnel as well as themselves some very important questions before placing their child in a residential treatment facility or therapeutic school