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SHOP ONLINE Rare & exotic Brugmansia Angel's Trumpet & Datura from $10. Huge range, best prices, free offers + 5 star reviews. Australia wide shipping. Brisbane based growers & online retailers Brugmansia plants are potentially very dangerous and can cause serious mental and physical reactions or death. Permanent mental damage can result from frequent or excessive use. Pharmacology All parts of all Brugmansia plants contain the tropane alkaloids hyoscyamine, atropine, and scopolamine. The seeds and flowers have the greatest. Brugmansia's, or angel's trumpet, have beautiful trumpet-like flowers that release a soft fragrance. This medium to tall shrub flowers between late Spring to Autumn. Brugmansia's prefer the early and late sunshine to promote good growth and flowering. They are great to give a tropical feel to your garden Brisbane Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets . We're an online retail nursery, specialising in Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets and Datura Here in sunny, subtropical Brisbane, we grow a large range of single and double flowering brugmansia angel's trumpets all year round and offer customers the convenience of online shopping, secure online payments and Australia wide* shipping, except in the case of orders. Brugmansia Plant Care. The Brugmansia suaveolens can reach a height of 3 to 11 metres with flowers that range from 14 to 15 centimetres long and 10 to 35 centimetres wide. You should plant Angel's trumpet in early spring keeping in mind that each seedling has the potential to be a completely unique hybrid as this plant does not grow true to seed

Brugmansia seeds can take from two weeks to several months to sprout, so if you don't see results right away, don't give up in despair. To grow Brugmansia from seed, you would follow standard seed-sprouting protocol. Begin by soaking the seeds overnight in warm water to soften the outer hull an Brugmansia 'Clementine' Apparently the first coloured, double brugmansia to be released in Australia, though there are more than 250 double-flowered varieties in Europe and North America. 'Clementine' has a delicious smell of orange and marzipan Brugmansia seed is a funny little seed with a corky covering that hides the little bean that is actually what starts the brugmansia plant. They range in size and color, depending on the type of seed that is available to you. Some are tiny and some are quite large by comparison. Some are very light brown and range to very dark brown Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Iochroma Australis is a rare Brugmansia relative with miniature blue Angel's Trumpet flowers This 1.8 meter to 2.4 meter bush from Argentina becomes smothered with 5 centimeter blooms from spring through summer, creating a huge ball of blue

Commonly known as Devil's Trumpet, Datura is an ornamental, shrub-like (or short-lived perennial) to 2 m. This cultivar features perfumed double or more dark purple and white flowers, dark green foliage and black stems. Datura will produce spiny/bumpy fruit capsules (refer image), from which you can harvest your own seeds if desired. Sewing from seed will produce the exact plant Black Angel Trumpet Brugmansia Seeds Brugmansia Datura Flower Fragrant 10pcs VibesPositiveID 4 out of 5 stars (229) $ 8.66. Add to Favorites Angels Trumpet - live plant fragrant yellow, pink or white flowers Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi, Broadway Pink MamasHomeGarden 4.5 out of 5 stars (128. Growing and Propagation of Brugmansia Everyone has their own way of growing Brugs and these are some of the ways that have worked well for us. Hybridizing Tips Pollinating Brugmansia Flowers Hybridizers pollinate the flower of one cultivar with the pollen of another to create a new cultivar. Sometimes the results are spectacular. Hybridizing Goals [

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  2. iature blue Angel's Trumpet flowers. This large bush from Argentina becomes smothered with 2 inch blossoms from spring through summer, creating a huge ball of blue! In full bloom.
  3. Brugmansia suaveolens, commonly known as Angel's Trumpet occurs naturally in SE Brazil and is a semi-woody shrub or small tree that grows from 1.5 to 4.5m in height, usually with a many-branched single trunk. What distinguishes Brugmansias from Daturas is a set of criteria that are obvious even to a neophyte
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  5. Datura Metel 'Chlorantha' is an ornamental, shrub-like perennial to 2 m, featuring perfumed double/triple yellow/lemon flowers and emerald green foliage.Datura will produce spiny/bumpy fruit capsules (refer image), from which you can harvest your own seeds if desired. Sewing from seed will produce the exact plant
  6. Brugmansia sanguinea, or red angel's trumpet, has angelic flowers but the leaves taste dreadful. Every part of the plant is poisonous and that terrible taste of the leaves stops animals from.

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Brugmansia sanguinea red flowers, is a species with unique particularity in the genus, are pollinated by hummingbirds, the others are pollinated mainly by bats. Trumpet tubular flowers can range from reddish orange to bright red to scarlet red, depending on the temperature Angel trumpet plants for sale. Brugmansia for sale. Gardening Spring flowers nursery greenhouse plants natur munakalati.or

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The show-stopping hanging bugle-shaped flowers of Brugmansia make this plant a delight for any garden. Grown either as a woody shrub or small tree, Brugmansia is a tropical plant, native to Central and South America.There are actually several species of Brugmansia plants, and they're often distinguished by their size, preferring growing conditions, and flower color International Registrar for Brugmansia and Datura - Al Maas Website Manager - Shaun Douglas. Advisory Panel. Al Maas, Edna Murphree, Mike Pettit , Patricia Watson, Shaun Douglas, Alistair Hay, and Dan Carter. Seed and Pollen Bankers Seed and Pollen Banker - Patricia Watso

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Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. A thread in the Australian and New Zealand Gardening forum, titled Summer Brugmansia in Australia -4 PLANTFILE Brugmansia versicolor is a large shrub or small tree to approximately 8m tall. Flowers are about 30-50cm long and are produced copiously in distinct flushes and hang perpendicularly below the foliage. Brugmansia versicolor occurs at relatively low altitudes, up to 750m asl. It has a restricted geographic range on the western slopes of the Andes. Brugmansia can be propagated from cuttings, a 10 - 15 cm cutting with a growth node is best. Use a sharp blade and cut at an angle. Remove the bottom leaves and cut back the upper leaves by 50%. Place the cutting in water a glass jar, cuttings usually root quickly and can can be planted into a container

AU $4.20 each+AU $4.00 postage. AU $4.20 save AU $0.00 ( 0.0 % off) Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia arborea) 10 Seeds. Sign in to check out. Check out as a guest. Adding to your cart. The item you've selected wasn't added to your cart. Add to cart. Add to Watchlist Angel TrumpetBrugmansia are large shrubs or small trees, reaching heights of 3-11 m, with tan, slightly rough bark.The leaves are alternate, generally large, 10-30 cm long and 4-18 cm broad, with an entire or coarsely toothed margin, and are covered with fine hairs.The flower trumpet refers to the large, very dramatic, pendulous trumpet-shaped flowers, 14-50 cm long and 10-35 cm across at the. How to grow Angel Trumpet. The genus Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) has long been prized for its huge, fragrant, flowers. When people see their first angel trumpet, they are awed by the giant 10in long exotic flowers and powerful nocturnal lemon scent. Most angel trumpets feature pastel-colored flowers of white, orange, yellow, or pink. If the giant angel trumpet flowers are not enough to tempt. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. A thread in the Australian and New Zealand Gardening forum, titled Brugmansia pods!yes you can :) PLANTFILE Brugmansia World My name is Shaun Douglas, I have been growing Brugmansia for over 20years and am interested in the Warm group which includes aurea, insignis, suaveolens, versicolor & x.candida. with there flowers reaching 18long and in many different colors:: If you are interested in any varieties contact me via email

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There are 9 units (packets & vials )of seeds and they all look different and cannot be identifies as one species of Brugmansia candida. Please provide the Botanic name for each individual seed type (9 types all together) to assess whether they are permitted into Australia. Brugmania candida is permitted as seeds for sowing However in Australia many species can be grown in most areas as long as they are in a rich fertile soil and are not subject to to many frosts and cold winds. And then we have Brugmansia hybrids the most common being Brugmansia x candida which is a cross between B. aurea and B. versicolo Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. A thread in the Australian and New Zealand Gardening forum, titled Brugmansia springtime #1 PLANTFILE

Brugmansia 'Frosty Pink' (Angel's Trumpet) is a tropical shrub or small tree laden with huge, pendulous, trumpet-shaped, salmon-pink flowers, 8-10 in. long (20-25 cm). Blooming from midsummer to fall, the blossoms actively open and close depending on the time of day. Sparkling against the foliage of long, dark green leaves, the flowers exude a. Brugmansia L'Amour Angel Trumpet 4 seeds. Refunds by law: In Australia, consumers have a legal right to obtain a refund from a business if the goods purchased are faulty, not fit for purpose or don't match the seller's description. More information at returns. Payment details 10 Orange Angel Trumpet Seed_Flower Flower Seed_Flower Flowers Tropical Seed_Flower - Easy Grow. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 2. $13.98. $13. . 98. FREE Shipping. Only 5 left in stock - order soon

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Brugmansia suaveolens - Yellow Angel's Trumpet. Grows as a semi woody shrub or small tree from 1.5m to 2.4m tall and has a many branched single trunk, the mid green oval leaves grow up to 25cm long and 15cm wide MANDALA DATURA PLANT [5] SEEDS FOR SALE ON LINE HERE AUSTRALIA Assorted colours mix. Add $4 pack/post to your order. Growing angel trumpet from seed When growing angel trumpet from seed, it's important to start with a reliable seed source. Seeds of both Brugmansia and Datura remain viable for many years, as long as they're stored properly 10 seeds (seeds are fresh and small) w/ detailed Instructions Also known as Blue Brugmansia (Brugmansia relative), Mini Angel Trumpet, Iochroma australis, Iochroma australe, Acnistus australis and Dunalia australia - also available in Snow White. A fine, rare blue trumpet specimen The flowers are 2-3 long and bloom for an extended period

Brugmansia Clementine 75mm Pot. Brugmansia Clementine (Brugmansia x candida), also known as Angels Trumpet or Devils Trumpet is a double flowering form that will give a beautiful display of long apricot trumpet shaped flowers.. A tall elegant shrub, Brugmansia will bear sweetly scented flowers in Spring and Summer. Plant where you can catch their evening fragrance and pendulous flowers Specification: Flowers color:Random colors Sowing: First, soak the seeds in warm water for 4-6 hours or treat them with sulphuric acid. After sowing, cover the soil about 1 cm. Keep the soil warm and humid. After 5-6 days, germinate. Two of the leaves can be transplanted and the plant distance is 30 cm. Suitable temperature for germination: sowing time at 20-25 âââ‚? spring and summer. Abutilon Megapotamicum Seeds (Chinese Lantern, Flowering Maple Seeds) Starting at: USD2.50. The abutilon megapotanicum bears magnificent flowers. As its common name says, these flowers look like lanterns. View Details. Out of stock. Achillea Millefolium Rubra Seeds (Rosy Red Yarrow Seeds) Starting at: USD1.90 Brugmansia definitely poses a threat, one that people purposely plant in their gardens and front yards, and there are those that would like to see them disappear. Australia is one such country that sought to ban a Brugmansia species. But we have threats all around us, every day. Eradication is not the solution . . . Education is The seed case is there for a reason and that reason is to protect the seed as it journeys to germination. If you peel off the seed case, you're exposing the seed to a situation it is not timed to encounter until it has had the seed case experience. When you plant a seed with it's case in moist soil, it gradually moistens and softens

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Brugmansia. Commonly known as 'Angel's Trumpet'. Brugmansias are evergreen shrubs best known for their large, soft foliage and stunning trumpet shaped flowers up to 30cm long which hang delicately downwards. All parts are highly toxic if ingested. We deliver plants/trees to Perth Metro (20km from CBD). Read our Ordering and Delivery. I found this rare flower at my favorite seed shop. Looks like a Brugmansia Angel Trumpet and found it research worthy. It's actually a relative of the Brugmansia. This beauty comes from from South America: Description: Small shrub, generally to 3-6ft, sometimes to 10ft. Flowers are borne in clusters of up to 6-12 and sometimes more

Brugmansia and Datura look alike, but they are actually different plants. Here are a few tricks to tell them apart. Both are called trumpets in common language. Brugmansia - Angel's trumpets - are always showering blessings from above. whereas Datura - Devil's trumpets - always want to catch these gifts for themselves Brugmansia 'Old Apricot' 'Old Apricot' is one of the oldest varieties in Australia other then that of B.'Knightii' which has been in Australia for more then 100 years, this is a beautiful large flowering variety which is Apricot in color and has a pendulous hanging blooms

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Brugmansia Pink Angel Trumpet Plant Cuttings (5 Cuttings) Fragrant and Flowering. $16.89. Save up to 20% when you buy more. Buy It Now. +$7.99 shipping Brachychiton acerifolius - Flame Tree. $4.99. Brachychiton discolor - Lacebark Tree. $4.99. Brachychiton populneus - Australian Bottle Tree. $4.29. Brugmansia Collection, Angels Trumpets, four dramatic species, 40 seeds, gardener's gift, warm zones 9 to 11, houseplant. $13.99. Brugmansia sanginea - Red Angel's Trumpet

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  1. May 2, 2013 - Brugmansia - Pink Angels Trumpet - Brugmansia x hybrida - Australian Gardener. May 2, 2013 - Brugmansia - Pink Angels Trumpet - Brugmansia x hybrida - Australian Gardener. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or.
  2. The flowers are the standout at several inches (9 cm.) in width. The plant is generally an annual but self seeds vigorously and seedlings grow at a furious rate to adult plants in one season. This self-seeding behavior ensures Datura plant growing year after year. How to Grow Datura Trumpet Flower. Datura plants are ridiculously easy to grow.
  3. Discover the different colors of Angel's Trumpets and how to grow them so their best qualities of color, form and fragrance will add the Wow factor to your..
  4. The seeds and seed heads of this common garden weed may contain the alkaloids temuline and loliine. Some experts also point to the fungus ergot or fungi of the genus Endoconidium, both of which grow on the seed heads of rye grasses, as an additional source of toxicity. Lupinus spp. Commonly known as lupin or lupine. Some varieties have edible.

Angel's Trumpet. A showstopping shrub that transforms any space into a tropical getaway, angel's trumpet boasts huge, pendulous blooms that perfume the air after sunset. And with its unique trumpet-shape flowers and quick-growing nature, this exotic beauty offers a multitude of reasons to give it a try in your own garden Aug 31, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Melissa Goodman. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Australian and New Zealand Gardening: Angels in AustraliaBeautiful Brugmansias, 1 by Alistair. Matilda A.Hay. Saved by Dave's Garden. 44. Exotic Flowers Beautiful Flowers Angel Trumpet Plant Floral Backgrounds Trumpet Lily Trumpets Cottage Gardens Matilda Vegetable Garden. More information.. Dombeya burgessiae, Hydrangea Tree, 5 seeds. $11.99 Dombeya burgessiae- Pink Wild Pear. $11.99 Eucalyptus deglupta - Rainbow Eucalyptus. $9.95 Gardenia thunbergia - Forest Gardenia. $3.99 Genista monosperma - Bridal Veil Broom. $3.29 Jabuticaba - Myrciaria cauliflora. $12.95.

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  1. New Brugmansia cultivar. We have just registered a new Brugmansia cultivar with the Brugmansia Society, 'Fluffy Wuffy Ruffles'. FWR is a seedling of Tantra x Culebra that displays good mite resistance in subtropical QLD, has large leaves that are an enlarged version of Culebra leaves, slightly toothed or irregular leaf margins and raised.
  2. A new Brugmansia cultivar with the Brugmansia Society, Fluffy Wuffy Ruffles or FWR, bred and raised by Darren @ Herbalistics. FWR is a seedling of cultivars Tantra x Culebra that displays good mite resistance in subtropical QLD, has large leaves that are an enlarged version of Culebra leaves, slightly toothed or irregular leaf margins and a.
  3. ate. Established plants enjoy full sunlight and regular watering
  4. Datura and Brugmansia can be grown in tubs and pots in cooler climates, and directly in the garden in warmer climates. The Datura/Brugmansia seed we do not grow ourselves is provided from commercial growers from around the world, and often the photo and information accompanying the seed listing is from the grower
  5. Brugmansia Angels Trumpet 'Wow!'. is a double or more flowering pink brugmansia. One of my favourites! avoid being left at Australia Post over a weekend. Generally orders of seeds are shipped within 1-2 business days of cleared payment. No growing advice is included. Buyer is responsible for educating themselves on growing these plants

26/4/2012 seed were received from Monika to grow out in Australia. The plant has bloomed just shy of 30 months old. the plant is about 8 foot tall and is multi stemmed, The bloom is trumpet to funnel-shaped nodding golden yellow to orange flower with a strong talc fragrance NOTES: ++++ The seeds and leaves are eaten by Indians to make contact with their ancestors or look in the future. However, an overdose is lethal, so you shouldn't try it yourselves. The genus Brugmansia is named after Sebald Justinus Brugmans, who was a Dutch professor from the city of Leiden. Germination instructions: Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours Welcome to Karchesky Canna & Brugmansia. At our location in the rich farmlands of SW Pennsylvania, we are proud. to grow some of the finest cannas, brugmansia, succulents, and specialty plants in the world. Every effort is made to grow our plants healthy, strong, and beautiful for your gardens and local communities to enjoy Wedgwood Gardens. in Ponce de Leon, Florida. Wedgwood Gardens grows Brugmansia and other tropicals in the Florida Panhandle. Brugmansia is also called Angel Trumpet. Wedgwood Gardens offers brugmansia plants and cuttings for sale at specific times of the year. Please keep in mind that this is not a year-round or even full-time business Seed sourced Globally including Australia. Brugmansia sanguinea (Wide Mouth) x.Unknown (O13) Hybridizer: Lucas Hiller. Seedling Parent: Shaun Douglas. This plant is about 18 months old, reasonable grower, first bloom looks longer and more narrow then the other sanguinea. Petal tips flat, no fragrance, good color red with green

Only US$3.99, shop egrow 50pcs/bag brugmansia seeds angel trumpet yellow brugmansia seeds huge fragrant trumpet flowers seeds dwarf brugmansia angel trumpets bonsai flower fragrant yellow blooms seeds at Banggood.com. Buy fashion seeds online 1 gallon pot. $7.95. Sold out. A native mallow from South Western Australia with single 5 petal flowers 3 to 5 inches in diameter. Prolific flowers are lilac-blue in color each lasting for one day. This is a fast growing shrub typically reaching 3 feet in height but can grow to 6 feet high and wide Brugmansia Pink Perfektion Angel Trumpet 6 seeds Seeds of Brugmansia Perfektion is a heavy blooming angle trumpet that has beautiful wide, triple deep salmon flowers. Very fresh seeds harvested Jan.. Mixed Brugmansia 100 SEEDS DESCRIPTION: The brugmansia plant belongs to the Solanaceae family. An inexperienced gardener can easily confuse it with datura, as they look very similar to each other. However, the difference between these plants is significant: brugmansia is represented by trees and shrubs, and datura is a herbaceous plant Vigorous and very floriferous, Brugmansia 'Cherub' (Angel's Trumpet) is a tropical shrub or small tree laden with impressive quantities of large, pendulous, trumpet-shaped, salmon-pink flowers. This cultivar bears numerous side branches, increasing the number of flowers and floral display. Blooming from midsummer to fall, the blossoms actively open and close depending on the time of day

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Brugmansia Sanguinea Scarlet Angels (50 SEEDS) Botanical nomenclature: brugmansia sanguinea Common name: red brugmansia, red datura tree, red angel trumpet tree Family: solanaceae Origin: Colombia and Bolivia Climate: tropical, subtropical, tropical altitude Brightness: partial shade Height: between 2.00 and 3.00 meters Fast-growing specie Tacca Palmata 'Green Bat Plant' (5 Seeds) Rare Tacca 'Green Mystic' bat plant is a true beauty with glossy green foliage and pure green bat shaped flowers. Also known as Alien flower... more info. £3.25 £2.65. Sale

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Extremely robust, Brugmansia sanguinea (Red Angel's Trumpet) is a semi-evergreen, tropical shrub or small tree boasting wonderfully colored, pendulous, narrow trumpet-shaped flowers, 6-10 in. long (15-25 cm). Unlike the other Brugmansia species adorned with pastel flowers, the blossoms display intense shining colors, green flower base, golden yellow side and brilliant red mouth with yellow veins Brugmansia × candida is a hybrid between B. aurea and B. versicolor developed for horticultural proposes. This hybrid can now be found growing wild in nature, spreads without human assistance, and all parts of the plant are poisonous ( Alvarez, 2008 ) Tall handsome Australian grass-like plant, glossy strappy leaves. Very hardy, swamp-tolerant, useful for sewerage system fields, erosion control, coastal shelter. 1.5 Regarded as one of the most fragrant Brugmansias, Brugmansia x cubensis 'Charles Grimaldi' (Angel's Trumpet) is a vigorous tropical shrub or small tree laden with impressive quantities of exceptionally large, pendulous, trumpet-shaped, soft to golden yellow flowers, 15 in. long (37 cm), adorned with strongly recurved petals. Blooming from midsummer to fall, they actively open and close. It's Brugmansia sanguine, the Red Angel's Trumpet. It comes from Peru and it grows into quite a large shrub. Probably two, two and half metres tall, and even wider than it is tall. It grows very.

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  1. g extensive colonies through vegetative reproduction. It should also be monitored in other countries where present, especially in Africa and Asia. Like close relatives in the genus Datura, Brugmansia species consists of alkaloids which are used as narcotics and are responsible for cases.
  2. 50 Seeds Brugmansia Sanguinea Scarlet Angels Trumpet Datura Unique Red Flower. $6.98. + $2.40 shipping. Tacca Nivea - White Bat Flower - Bat Head Lily - 20 Seeds. $4.98. + $2.40 shipping. Seeds Small Watermelon Decorative Cucumber Melon Bonsai Plants Vegetables Garden. $3.45
  3. Sending seed to Australia For seed sellers who may not know,it is perfectly legal to send brug seed to Australia but it has to be done in a certain way.The package must say Brugmansia seed-Brugmansia x Candida
  4. g Flowers. $3.65 + $1.99 shipping + $1.99 shipping + $1.99 shipping
  5. Angel Trumpet Seeds Deliciously fragrant and supremely elegant Angel's Trumpet refers to two types of gorgeous flowers: Datura, a lovely annual with fragrant, upward-facing blooms, and Brugmansia, a woody perennial with drooping, trumpet-shaped flowers that produce a strong lemony scent, especially in the evening
  6. Plumeria Seed Collection. We have two incredible collections of Plumeria to choose from with our USA Plumeria seeds, and covering the far East, we have the beautiful and rarer Thai varieties. We believe we offer the best Frangipani in the world because we only offer Plumeria seeds which are the result of hand pollination
  7. Be it your first Brugmansia or your growing collection, this is the place you have been looking for. Our goal is to showcase new hybrids, as well as previously released cultivars, and to share seeds and pollen with our members. BGI has members spread over different areas and climates in the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe
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Brugmansia honors the botanist S. J. Brugmans (1732-1789 bio ), suaveolens means sweet smelling. (The different species of Brugmansia cross relatively easily, so some cultivated plants are hybrids.) The big flowers open in the evening and release a strong, rich scent, presumably to attract bats and moths. They do look like trumpets, making. Brugmansia Forum. This forum is for the discussion of brugmansias, plants of the genus Brugmansia, also known as angels' trumpets. Latest. Featured New Adenium 'Carousel' 5 Seeds. New Taiwan Adenium Obesum Seeds Carousel. more info. £4.00. Sale £3.35. Sale. -16%. Write Review. Add To Cart. Add to Wishlist Amazon.co.uk: brugmansia seed Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads Aug 9, 2017 - Explore Mary Koevenig's board Brugmansia on Pinterest. See more ideas about brugmansia, angel trumpet, trumpet lily