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Recycling. Recycling is an essential and required service for all Seattle residents and businesses. Recycling is good for the environment and can decrease solid waste service costs. In Seattle, there is no additional cost for recycling service at residences. The cost is included in the garbage service rate Seattle does not recycle by the numbers listed on plastic materials. Recycling can seem daunting at times, so here are the categories that you can put into your recycling cart and keep out of your garbage! Just remember they need to be empty and clean. Rigid food containers: tubs, bottles, cups, boxes, jars, microwave and cookie trays

In Seattle, we ask customers not to use the numbers on packaging to determine if an item is recyclable or not. Here's why. Have you ever looked at the bottom of a plastic container or packaging and found a small number (usually 1-7) contained in triangle? You wouldn't be alone if you thought those numbers [ Collection & Disposal View our garbage, recycling, and food & yard waste (compost) services, find the nearest transfer station (dump/landfill) for extra waste, and learn about your collection day. Sewer & Drainage We manage Seattle's sewer and drainage systems, including street storm drains and pollution control

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Stopping the recycling process to remove the tangled materials makes recycling more time consuming and expensive. Taking your plastic bags and wrap to retail store collection sites helps to keep the plastics clean, they don't have to be sorted from other recyclable materials, and they can be turned into something new, like plastic lumber. 700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4900 Seattle, WA 98104-5004 Phone: 206-684-8400 Vehicles arriving with unsecured loads at public or private transfer stations in King County can be charged an unsecured load fee

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  1. Find recycling locations for these items through E-Cycle Washington: Drop-off sites accept computers, laptops, tablet computers, monitors, TVs, e-readers and portable DVD players for free. Visit www.ecyclewashington.org external link or visit www.takeitbacknetwork.org or call 206-477-4466 for locations
  2. A product made of plastic is often stamped with a resin code, which is a number between one and seven inside a small triangle made of arrows. The presence of a resin code doesn't necessarily mean that the product can be recycled. It's the number inside the triangle that counts, because each number corresponds to a different type of plastic
  3. Collect hard-to-recycle items in your Ridwell bags. We give you bags to store your batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, and threads.These are your core categories! These are things we dispose of everyday without a good recycling or reuse solution
  4. g an intentional practice for more and more homeowners, businesses and communities. As the country's largest recycler, Waste Management makes recycling in Seattle convenient and affordable with a number of recycling drop off locations around the city
  5. When recycling, make sure the Styrofoam is clean, dry and doesn't have any tape or labels. Some cities have limited Styrofoam pickup as part of waste management services. The city of Seattle offers recycling of Styrofoam blocks at no cost when scheduled as a special collections pickup. Only Styrofoam blocks are accepted for recycling
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You can contact Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) by phone, email, or online forms. For 24-hour emergencies (water, sewer, or drainage), call (206) 386-1800. Don't have time to talk? Send us your customer service questions online With the help of Seattle recycling experts, we provide general guidelines and specific answers to the questions you asked earlier this year. With the city's mandatory composting rules now in.

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  2. Seattle Public Utilitie s has been able to find other markets for the recyclables, said Sabrina Register, SPU spokesperson. To try and figure out some longer-term solutions, King County convened the Responsible Recycling Task Force in April 2018 to study the issue. They released their report January 10 with no immediate big changes for Seattle.
  3. WITH. Website Directions More Info. (206) 350-0361. 3881 16th Ave SW. Seattle, WA 98106. From Business: Welcome to West Seattle Recycling, Inc.! As an independent, locally owned recycling center, we provide King County, WA with a great way to protect the
  4. Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light now accept American Express (AMEX) in addition to Visa and MasterCard for your utility payments. Account number required. Garbage, Recycle, and Compost Services. View Collection Calendar. Replace a Missing or Damaged Container. Report a Missed Collection

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  1. Thinking that neighbors might also have dead batteries, Ryan decided to see if he could take others along the way: a recycling carpool. Owen was thrilled. He and Ryan started scrounging around their house for other things they could recycle: light bulbs, electronics, clothes hangers, Styrofoam, plastic bags, clothing, and even Halloween candy
  2. The Recycling Depot. 6004 Corson Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108. (206) 767-7211. Claim this business. (206) 767-7211. Directions
  3. recycling and compost bins. Lids 3 or larger can be recycled on their own. Lids smaller than 3 are garbage. Plastic caps of all sizes can be recycled when screwed onto bottles. Cardboard limit: 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft. Flatten boxes Clean paper boxes. Metal items limit: 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft. Place lid inside and crimp can Remove label
  4. Call (425) 549-3000 for all your recycling solutions! Facilities and Hours. Redmond. Renton. Maltby. Seattle. Tacoma. Tacoma (Recovery 1) Woodinville West
  5. gs/branches. Wood & branches under 4 inches in diameter can be up to 10 feet in length

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  1. Commercial Garbage, Recycling, Compost and Billing Waste Management is the exclusive commercial garbage collector for . businesses in: Northwest Seattle (north of the Ship Canal west of I-5) and ; South & West Seattle (south of Yesler Way & I-5); Waste Management customer areas are beige on the map. Central and Northeast Seattle (white areas) garbage is collected by CleanScapes
  2. Search for other Recycling Centers on The Real Yellow Pages®. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Total Reclaim at 2200 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134. Search for other Recycling Centers in Seattle on The Real Yellow Pages®
  3. Several Seattle-area recycling programs now tell residents to ignore the numbers. Recycling programs often keep things simple by asking for all plastic bottles or plastic bottles and.
  4. Find an E-Cycle location by selecting Electronics as the material. E-Cycle Washington is a free program that makes it easy for Washington residents to recycle their broken, obsolete or worn-out electronics. Electronic products contain valuable materials that can be recycled and toxic chemicals that should be kept out of the landfill
  5. REPC | Seattle Recycled Computers & Peripherals. RE∙PC has reopened both locations as an essential business. Please note that we will be following all government guidelines concerning COVID-19. • This requires that all employees and customers wear a cloth face covering when entering RE∙PC. • Hand sanitizer stations have been set up at.
  6. Number 5 plastics were widely accepted in both curbside and drop-off recycling centers before China's National Sword policy was introduced in 2018. That is when China stopped accepting our plastic waste for recycling. Recycling Mail-in Programs. Currently, there a few mail-in options for recycling polypropylene
  7. We refurbish computers and laptops, helping to connect underserved individuals around the world to vital technology. 501(c)3 Non-profit organization

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The company says all the recycled plastic can be reused an infinite number of times. A Seattle recycling service called Ridwell collects hard-to-discard items such as plastic wrap and bags, light. At Seattle's Largest Companies, Juneteenth Doesn't Mean a Day Off 06/18/2021 By Benjamin Cassidy 509 Olive Way, Suite 305, Seattle, WA 98101 Phone: 206-957-2234 • Fax: 206-447-338 cats prices; xbody: $420: gm: $340: airtube: $110: ac/thin pipe bl: $200: bl thick pipe: $370: gm medium: $270: se high grade: $930: se 6 line: $470: se medium: $420. The city says it will be expanding the number of drop-off locations for soft-plastic recycling. Seattle stopped allowing plastic bags and wrap at the first of the year because of numerous issues. TerraCycle® is a social enterprise Eliminating the Idea of Waste®. In 21 countries, we tackle the issue from many angles. We have found that nearly everything we touch can be recycled and collect typically non-recyclable items through national, first-of-their-kind recycling platforms. Leading companies work with us to take hard-to-recycle.

Seattle, WA 98108 (Office Headquarters) 7343 E Marginal Way S 1-877-764-5748 (toll free) Monday-Saturday: 7:00a-5:00p Sunday: Closed. Compost product & services; Yard waste recycling services; Landscape plant stock; Wholesale & retai Seattle, Washington is the home of Al's Seattle Barrel Co, where we provide a complete range of material handling services, including delivery, drum lids and liners. If you are interested in purchasing barrels, drums, industrial containers, plastic shipping containers, or other materials then please feel free to call (206)622-7218 to find out more about our products Launched in Seattle, WA in 2003, 3R Technology has been providing IT asset disposition and e-waste recycling services before most people even knew what this meant. We believe we can be more than a reuse and recycling organization, we can be a force for change. From our progressive hiring and employment practices, to our donation and directed. Address: 8105 Fifth Avenue S, Seattle. Accepted items: For a complete list of what to bring and what not to bring, visit the King County webpage. For comprehensive hazardous waste disposal information, call King County's Local Hazardous Waste Management Program at 206-296-4692 or visit www.HazWasteHelp.org. BUSINESSES

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Reopening Update: City Hall Lobby will be open for walk-in visitors on weekdays between the hours of 9:00 AM-12:00 PM and 1:00 PM-4:00 PM. Receptionists are available to answer phone calls weekdays 9:00 AM-12:00 PM and 1:00 PM-5:00 PM at 425-398-8900 Advertisement | Go Ad-Free! Learn the basics of recycling with the Litter Critters! Kids will sort trash into four different litter categories: recyclables, compost, electronic waste, and landfill waste. In Easy Mode, users sort trash into one category of litter at a time. In Hard Mode, users must sort trash into all four categories at once Plastic #7 can be a bit hard to identify, especially if it doesn't come with a recycling number! As a result, when in doubt, a mystery plastic that doesn't fit any other resin category in the 1 through 6 groups is likely a plastic #7. Here are some ideas of plastic #7 you may find in your home Recycling. The Tacoma City Council passed Ordinance No. 28623 on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, approving changes to the City of Tacoma's residential curbside recycling program. Visit the Recycling Changes web page to learn more We practice safe and efficient recycling in the Seattle and Tacoma areas. Our goal is to extend the life of used electronic items as long as possible to provide a viable alternative to e-waste in our landfills. We perform a complete data destruction on every item. We then refurbish and re-use most computer-related products

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Seattle Public Utilities Composting Questions and Answers. Tilth Alliance. Northwest Garden Hotline: - Call 206-633-0224 to talk with a gardening expert. For help in recycling, buying recycled, or preventing waste, please contact the City of Tukwila Recycling Coordinator at (206) 433-7141 or recycle@tukwilawa.gov Leadpoint specializes in the waste and recycling industry. Our customers operate large-scale Materials Recycling Facilities or MRFs, landfills and transfer stations in cities across the country. Contact Numbers. Recruiting 855-802-1741. Sales 888-205-1511. Current Employees 800-552-3136 PlasticFilmRecycling.org is supported by the Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG) of the American Chemistry Council. The FFRG's goal is to double plastic film recycling to two billion pounds by 2020 This organization is not BBB accredited. Recycling Center in Seattle, WA. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more


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General Labor Job, Seattle, WA Recycling and Production Seattle, WA. General Labor Sorting Job, Summer time Hiring Bonus $80 per week Plano, TX, Part time Plano, TX. Contact Numbers. Recruiting 855-802-1741. Sales 888-205-1511. Current Employees 800-552-3136. Customer Service 800-552-3136 Ecolife has the best recycling PS tips to get you sorting these plastics out of your rubbish pile and into the recycling stream. Environmental facts about plastic #6 True, polystyrene is a lightweight plastic that requires less energy to make and transport, but it still comes with a few environmental woes that will make you want to think twice. Washington Organic Recycling Council. June 13 at 3:28 PM ·. Compostable Packaging: Acceptance Considerations and Standards: As pressure increases to accept compostables into facilities, compost manufacturers must weigh multiple considerations and risks. The alphabet soup of compostability standards do nothing to reduce the confusion

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Appliance Recycling Locations in King County Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Kirkland. Although King County offers many places to recycle your old appliance, it's always good to check the requirements for the item you plan to drop off. Transfer stations often require the removal of doors for example. Angel's highly recommends 1 Green Planet. Some communities use Resin Identification Codes, often misidentified as recycling numbers, to communicate what types of plastic they will accept. For example, flexible plastic packages with #2 or #4 are usually good to go in the Store Drop-off bin. But these numbers don't always tell the full story about recycling. Even if your. WE ARE VALLEY RECYCLING. WE PAY CASH FOR SCRAP METAL. Construction, Debris, Land Clearing. We offer roll off services for your demolition, construction and site development with bin sizes available from 10-48 yards. We will haul metal, concrete, demolition debris, stumps and brush. Read More. Cash for Metal Second Use Seattle 3223 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134 (206) 763-6929 Seattle Hours: Retail Store Daily 9:30am-5:30pm Receiving & Drop Offs Daily 9:30am-5pm Second Use Tacoma 2328 Fawcett Ave, Tacoma WA 98402 253-267-0820 Tacoma Hours: Retail Store Daily 9:30am-5:30pm Receiving & Drop Off

Recycling & Miscellaneous Links . The Ink Stop The Ink Stop is located inside RE∙PC in Tukwila at 600 Andover Park East. The Ink Stop refills inkjet cartridges and also offers a full line of laserjet toners, remanufactured and compatible inkjet cartridges. They also supply remanufactured and prefilled inkjet cartridges at our Seattle location Seattle WA 12407 Mukilteo Speedway, Suite 225Lynnwood, WA 98087Ph.#:(425) 773-7508 Los Angeles CA (Head Quarters) 10865 Portal Drive Los Alamitos, CA 90720 Ph.#:(714) 244 8023 San Francisco C A full-service, scrap metal recycling company. We recycle aluminum, copper, lead, brass, and stainless steal. Call Us Now! (253) 785-1197. Visit Us: 10011 Lakeview Ave. SW Lakewood, WA, 98499. Home What We Buy As Seen On TV About Us Industries We Serve Contact Us. Welcome To King Kong Recycling

Appliances Picked Up Free in Seattle Washington. CALL 206-504-1686! Fast Free Appliance Removal picks up and recycles unwanted used appliances at no charge. (in most cases) Our local, independent contractor in your area services Seattle, Georgetown, Alki, Delridge, Columbia City. If we can rebuild them, we take away older and unwanted Washers. Whole Fixture Recycling—save even more time and money on your projectby simply recycling the entire light fixture instead of just the lamps. For more information about how to easily and conveniently recycle your fluorescent lamps, visit the EcoLights or call 206-343-1247 It wasn't thinking of recycling, that is. The industry says their category numbers are resin codes, not recycling codes. They identify different types of polymers. Each polymer recycles using a different method or technology. And #7 PLA is no exception. A few years back, modifications made the symbols a little less recycling-forward WELCOME TO THE EARTH911 RECYCLING SEARCH! With over 350 materials and 100,000+ listings, we maintain one of North America's most extensive recycling databases. Simply dial 1 (800)CLEANUP , or simply enter in the material you are trying to recycle along with your zip code and click search

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DMV Recycling will give you the most money for your old catalytic converters. Our team is highly trained, which allows them to give exceptionally accurate quotes. Paired with our drive, our integrity, and our passion for delivering nothing but the best for our customers, and you have just a few reasons why you should sell your old catalytic. EHSMS Policy. 1 Green Planet Has adopted the requirements of: a. ISO 14001:2015, b. ISO 45001:2018 c. Responsible Recycling Practices (R2):2013, an SPU Monday customers are asked to set out their garbage and recycling by 6 a.m. Monday, and Tuesday customers are asked to set out garbage, recycling and yard/food waste by 6 am. Because of the extreme heat forecasted, the City's North and South Transfer Stations, operated by Seattle Public Utilities, will close at 2 p.m. on Monday, June 28.

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The Ultimate Recycling Chart. Figuring out what can and cannot be recycled sometimes feels like it requires an advanced degree—plus, what to do about things like batteries, Nespresso pods, and Tetra Paks? We pulled together the ultimate, printable cheat sheet—which also includes what those plastic codes really mean. The Plastic Decode Manage your account online for fast, convenient service. Use your access to schedule special pickups and deliveries, order additional waste and recycling services, rent a dumpster for large waste removal, order a new curbside cart, and more. Create or Manage Your Account › From warranties to recycling we have your appliance needs covered. Please see our Products and Services page for more information. Contact your APPLIANCE EXPERT today at 253-939-9338. And visit us for your new or used appliance parts, recycling and sale needs

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The Seattle Public Utilities web site indicates that peanuts and blocks can go in the garbage but not your recycling bin. Furthermore they point out that styrofoam can be recycled at Styro Recycle which is in Kent. On a side note, I also learned that bubble wrap can go in your recycle cart. Bundle it together in a plastic grocery bag and place. Plastic Recycling Symbols & Meanings in the USA. By Kay Santos. Recycling 1 ton of plastic saves almost 4 barrels of oil. To improve the plastics recycling process, the plastics industry developed a coding system in 1988. Recyclable plastics contain the universal arrows-in-a-triangle recycling symbol and a number, 1 through 7 Headquarters NorthStar Group Services, Inc. Seven Penn Plaza, 370 7th Avenue, Suite 1803, New York, NY 10001. P: 212.951.3660 C: 212.951.3660 Scott Stat

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Earth911 is a universal resource that helps you find your own shade of green. We educate and inform consumers, businesses and communities to inspire thought and facilitate earth-positive consumer decisions The increased capacity of recycling bins in commingled systems allows for higher collection volumes and the ability for programs to add new types of recyclables without having to invest in multiple bins. Commingled bins have a lid and wheels, which improves public convenience and privacy, and prevents material from blowing out of the bins View contact details and 10 reviews for North Recycling and Disposal Station at 1350 N 34th St, Seattle, WA, or write a review. Explore an interactive map with places nearby Contact your local solid waste authority to see if it accepts number 4 LDPE plastic in your curbside recycling program. If so, simply place the number 4-coded items into your bin according to.

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NW Furniture Bank. Dozens of agencies work with the homeless, domestic violence victims and low-income population providing temporary housing and recovery programs, but when their clients complete the programs they may have new housing and a new focus for their life, but they often have no furniture Here's What the Recycling Numbers on Plastic Mean By Ana Durrani. Aug 19, 2020. Share. We all know that the triangle symbol (♻) on the bottom of plastic bottles means to recycle

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Building Services Department. Contact Customer Care. 206-685-1900. The Building Services Department consists of Custodial Services and UW Recycling. We provide cleaning and waste services for faculty, staff, students and visitors. Our department promotes a clean and environmentally sustainable campus. We also offer waste and recycling education. Bellingham Drop Box Facility & Recycling Center: Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM. Closed 12-1PM and most major holidays. Closed 12-1PM and most major holidays. Birch Bay Drop Box Facility & Recycling Center : Sundays Only 9AM - 5PM Albany. Atlanta (Adamson St Offices) Atlanta (Adamson St Yard) Atlanta (Blashfield St) Cartersville. Columbus. Gainesville. Macon (7th St) Macon (Lower Poplar Rd

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Where to Recycle BUBBLE WRAP ® Brand Packaging in North America. UNITED STATES. CALIFORNIA. Sealed Air Corporation, 19440 Arenth Ave., City of Industry, CA 91748 Tel: +1-909-594-1791. ILLINOIS. Sealed Air Corporation, 7110 Santa Fe Dr., Hodgkins, IL 60525 Tel: +1-708-352-8700. KENTUCKY Styrofoam™ is a name trademarked for a specific variation of expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging. True Styrofoam ™ is designed for use in building insulation. The EPS or foam polystyrene you're used to seeing is used in egg cartons, to-go cups, packaging peanuts, and in blocks used to protect electronics and appliances in shipping

The numbers fall far short of New York's potential. In Seattle, recycling is collected for free, but residents pay a fee for each bag of regular garbage. People who support such systems. Sweetwater 305-651-7011. Special Assistance. If you are disabled or need assistance moving your recycling cart to the curb, you can apply for special assistance service by calling 311 or 305-468-5900. This service is provided through your $464 fee which is a non-ad valorem assessment your annual tax bill Careers webadmin 2020-09-18T18:43:50-07:00. DTG Recycle is in search of honest, dedicated, reliable team members to process recycling in different roles at each of our locations. We don't judge you on your past; we believe in second chances. We believe our employees are our greatest asset and we look for people who want to work hard at a job. Juniors Electronic Recycling Co. is a Washington Wa Profit Corporation filed On October 8, 2018. The company's filing status is listed as Administratively Dissolved and its File Number is 604342747. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Keith Saunders and is located at 5130 Leary Ave Nw, Seattle, WA 98107 PDF file of Careers in Recycling | Other Green Career articles. by Drew Liming. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Drew Liming is an economist in the Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections, BLS. Drew is available at (202) 691-5262 or liming.drew@bls.gov