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  1. well, 32% total transmission is the legal limit, if factory is 75%, then putting a 35% tint on top will give a total transmission of.75*.35=.2625, right? I'm just worried about passing inspection, I've had illegal tint before and its a huge pain in the ass
  2. Second, learned that to get a rough VLT percentage of how a window is tinted, you take the OEM tint, say 70 for ease of multiplying, and then if one were to choose a window film with a 20 VLT, you multiple the two (.7 X.2) to get a VLT of 14
  3. What is the standard factory tint? Ours appears to have all windows tinted to about 35 or 40 percent
  4. Mach-E4X, Mazda 6, HR-V, Insight Apr 2, 2021 #3 Murse-In-Airy said: Anyone know, or have a resource, for the percentage of factory tint. I'd like to go darker on the windshield and front windows, but NY only allows up to 30% of the light to be blocked. I called a tint shop today and he told me, never having seen it, that factory tint was.
  5. Privacy glass doesn't provide the same level of UV protection that the tint film does. The rear privacy glass is probably about 25% VLT in appearance, again no actual UV protection. In Texas, the front passenger windows cannot be less than 25% VLT. The rear can be as dark as you like
  6. Tint percentage goes by visibility from exterior. 15% is saying you have a low visibility tint. A common tint like 35% is more visible than 15%

Twenty (20) Percent Tint Twenty percent window shade tint is also called Factory Tint. Windows tinted at the time the car was manufactured usually have a shade of 15% - 26%. Five (5) Percent Tint You can check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to find the legal tint in your state. Laws vary widely, from 20% in New Mexico to 70% in some states, including Alaska, Vermont, and Michigan. Factory tint generally has a VLT of 74-85%. Why people tint vehicle window 50% Window Tint Film A 50% window tint percentage is going to block out 50% of the light that hits your car window. This is an excellent choice for people who want to block out heat and UV radiation. 35% Window Tint Fil When vehicles come with a factory tint, it's usually between 15% and 20%. A 5% is the darkest tint you can get, and you can't see through 5% tinted car windows at all. In most states, a 5% tint is illegal. It's most commonly used on the back windows of private cars and limousines

The tint applied by car manufacturers at the factory must allow at least 70 percent of visible light through. This regulation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration applies to any window required for driving visibility, including the windshield and windows immediately to the right and left of the driver FREE TINT or CASH PRIZE, the choice is yours. Click the link below to learn more>>>(https://youtu.be/TPIoahIbPlg) <<<Today we have our 7 time raffle. We had a Mazda CX-5 and Mazda Cx-05 come in for tint! Here is a comparison of the vehicle with and without window tint.Thank You For Watching! Please LIKE if.. Joined Aug 6, 2019. ·. 27 Posts. #17 · Aug 6, 2019. I was told by my local tint shop the percentage is 20% in the rear from factory. I added 80% in the rear to protect against UV and 18% for the front. It's not legal but I've been doing this for the past 10 years and I have been pulled over but not for tint Window Tint Simulator. Select a vehicle type and color. Then see how the different tint percentages, or as we call it Variable Light Transfers (VLT's), could look on the front, sides, and back of your vehicle

Does anyone know the factory tint percentage of a 2016 Frontier Pro4X? Thanks 1991 Mazda Miata Limited Edition British Racing Green 5-speed It matched very well with the factory tint on my daughters Ford Escape. Just realized the tree I backed into is in the pic. The big tree on the right with the large gash posted 2013-Apr-13, 10:52 pm AEST. O.P. I just purchased a Mazda 3 Neo recently and was about to get the windows tinted. However, after I looked more carefully, it looked like there was a slight tint in the windows. I've checked the manual and read about the specs but there's no mention of it Anyone have an idea what the factory tint percentage is on the back ones? You know some people are just going dark with the tint like covering the factory tint windows with an addition layer. Also tinting the front windshield. 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring (Wife's) 2012 Harley Nightster. Save Share. Reply. 1 - 17 of 17 Posts

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Window Tint Misconceptions Misconception #1: You can do it yourself. Yes and No..If you have a steady hand, a good eye, a large amount of patience, a relatively dust free environment, a variety of razor sharp cutting knives, a heat gun and a liberal amount of film to practice with until you get it right, the answer is yes Many car owners have window tint for protection from the sun privacy and other benefits. As a california resident the most important thing you need to know when it comes to automotive window tinting laws is that your front two windows driver and passenger side cannot be tinted with any film darker than 70 this means that the film on the front two windows must allow 70 or more light to pass. Also choose between 6 different. Mazda CX-5 window tint kits consist of precut window film for DIY tinting. Available as complete, partial and visor only kits to customize your Mazda CX-5 with tint. Having your windows tinted the right way by a professional can reduce harmful rays from entering your car's cabin by up to 99 percent

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The science of window tint; Tue., Sept. 16, 2014. The science of window tint. Others have been startled at first when making a traffic check through an SUV's factory-tinted rear quarter. The 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner has a factory tint (actually colored glass) in the rear windows and the tailgate window. Because of this, it makes it a little more complicated to figure out what window tint to go with. You're not just simply throwing the same percentage window tint on for a consistent color/tint

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De Officiële website van Mazda. Bekijk onze modellen online of in de showroom! Mens en machine in perfecte harmonie, vanuit passie voor autorijden So I know that all the windows including windshield have a small percentage of tint to them. Does anyone know what exactly the tint is? Particularly the windshield as I'm about to have the one in my 323 replaced and would like to add a slight tint to it and the protgs is exactly what I want.. The tint installer, who was very knowledgable, stated the windshield has zero factory tint. Ceramic GT, AWD, 18% Window Tint, Matte Black Enkei Raijin 18x8 with Black Spline Drive Lugs, 225/45R18 Michelin AS3, All Weather Floor/Cargo Mat, Splash Guards, De-Badged Tailgate, Black Plastic-Dip Accent

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So can you tell me what the tint meter said after you put on what percentage tint?(would be helpful if you told me the brand name, too) because of the factory 70% tint, only 3.5% of total light enters my back windows. RockyD Senior Member. Joined Apr 11, 2016 2014 Mazda CX-5 Apr 29, 2016 #219 wooster said Twenty Percent Tint. This is commonly what is referred to as factory tint. Sometimes manufacturers apply a tint at the factory. This level of tint is usually in the 15-20% range. This is a safe range for factory tinting because many states place restrictions on the level of tint vehicles can have. This tint falls within that range for a vast.

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  1. This is the percent of visible light that gets through either the film (film VLT%) or window plus film net VLT%. The lower the VLT%, the darker the tint. Front-side window tint level: This is the amount of tint (VLT%) you're allowed on your driver and front passenger windows. This is frequently a higher value than for the rear, which allows.
  2. Tint World ® has been the #1 car window tinting installation center for over 30 years, but even with our experience in automotive window tinting, our Tint World ® locations often get asked about the difference between factory tinted windows versus aftermarket window tinting for cars, truck and SUVs
  3. What Is 20% Tint. 20% tint is the first VLT level you'll see that's legal on various types of windows in a lot of different states. While 20% tint may not be as common as 35% in terms of legally tinting your windows, it's an excellent choice for rear side windows if you want to darken things up a bit

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  1. The glass in car windows already has a slight tint to it of around 80%. To calculate the actual VLT of the glass with film applied to it, you need to mutiply the VLT of the window tint applied by the VLT of the glass. E.g applying a 5% film to glass with an 80% tint to it, you would multiply 5% x 80% = (0.05×0.80)x100 = 4%
  2. Window tinting is another common add-on. A dealer might charge $395 for window tinting that you could buy in a specialty shop for $145. Yet another common add-on is a Paint Protection package.
  3. Location. Olathe, KS. I was told on my 03 that the factory tint was 20%. In KS I couldn't get the front windows that dark to match. I believe it was 35% I had to go with. This was a while ago so I hope my memory is correct. I would think that newer models would be the same. Mar 4, 2012. #3
  4. Factory tint is standard on the rear half of many new vehicles. With a common visual light transmission (VLT) of 15-26%, privacy glass is installed to provide passengers and personal items privacy from outsiders, hence the name privacy glass. Since most states have a VLT legal limit of around 50% for the front driver windows and windshield.
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  6. I think there's already a tiny amount of factory tinting on the front windows, so it would be probably about 32% after you add the 35% tint. I know, not much, but I don't think it would look stupid. Better to be legal than having to rip out the tint you paid for later

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  1. 658 Posts. #16 • May 22, 2012. Do 50% on the whole front windshield and add a 5- strip across the top.Then do 35% on the front doors and 20% on the back doors. Then 5-20% on the back window. I had 20% on my front doors and could not see too well at night especially turning corners
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  3. The side back and side back are at 20% from the factory but are not illegal due to factory install and the fact it cannot be removed. The back windows are a chemical tint, not a film. If you go 30.

If your factory vlt is 60% and film vlt is 7%, the equation to calculate your final overall tint percentage would be: A 5% tint, for instance, will cost less than a. Jual mobil kamu dan terima pembayaran instan Five percent shade is also called limo tint. Every state or county is able to set their own tint laws on an allowable tint limit Tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny pieces in order to protect the occupants in a crash. But unless they're tinted for privacy, side windows usually absorb only 65 percent of UV rays. Then, once you know what VLT percentage your original windows are, you multiply the VLT of the film you applied or are going to apply to the window. So, for example: if your Factory VLT is 60% and Film VLT is 7%, the equation to calculate your final overall tint percentage would be: 7×60/100 = 4.2% I'm planning on taking my Mazda 3 Sp25 2011 Hatach in for it's 1000km service at Mazda (Melbourne) and have two questions. 1- How much should i expect to pay for factory installed reverse sensors. 2- Based on the colour of my car (Graphite) in your opinion, what would be the most asthetically pleasing + safe/legal tint percentage that i should.

Having privacy glass custom made after you've purchased your car will be very expensive, which is why many people instead opt for our privacy tint. WHAT IS PRIVACY TINT? At We Tint Windows, we offer a special tinting service called privacy tint. This is as close as you will get to the look of factory-produced privacy glass 06 Mazda Miata 05 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika 04 BMW R1150GSA Adventure 03 Yamaha Zuma He's not asking for tint laws, he's asking for the percentage... The rear glass is actually factory stained, not tint. Its around 36 % light illumination....I've run my tint meter around many factory stained glass windows and they are all right around. 1. Match the vehicle factory tint with a professional window tint film application. Most factory tints are installed only in rear windows. So you can install tinting films on the passenger windows and windshield. Most factory tints on rear windows are non-reflective tints and can be easily matched. Most also come with a 15%- 26% VLT percentage. You may tint your front driver and passenger door windows with a 25% light transmission film. New cars have a very slight factory tint integrated into the glass which does little to block heat or harmful UV rays. Our legal film is rated so that it is still legal when applied to the factory tinted glass

Johnson Window Films' Marathon car window tint's black shade closely matches factory tinted glass. Marathon's construction quality is about as good as it gets delivering high heat rejection with a tough and durable dyed film. Johnson Window Films are the preferred choice for Auto One of Lincoln Park, Michigan Scorpion Window Films are easy to install and let us give our customers a window tint with a solid warranty. We install it, and don't have to worry about it coming back to us. The Predator lets us stay competitive when price is a factor, and the King Pro allows us to up-sell the customer when heat reduction is desired. Jordan Dane

Joe Holcomb said: I tinted the fronts only to match the rear, came within 1%. It was about $200 for the ceramic tint. Legal in Ga is 30%, these are 28%. Click to expand... Ford factory tint is around 18%. 20% is a close match. FYI The two tints are made from different materials and have a very different manufacturing process. Factory-tinted glass contains dyes and pigments that are mixed into the glass itself during manufacturing. These additives darken the glass color and prevent some visible light from passing through the windows. Aftermarket window tint is a product.

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It's important to note this percentage is only allowed in case your vehicle or window was manufactured as such. Window film is an aftermarket modification. Most of these factory-made (OEM) tinted windows have 70% to 92% VLT. Total light transmittance value (VLT) includes both factory-made and aftermarket tint combined Florida Tint Law - Legal Tint Limit For Multi-Purpose Vehicles. Front Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 4 inches of the windshield. Front seat side windows: up to 88% tint darkness allowed with aftermarket film - up to 70% tint darkness allowed if combined with factory-tinted windows Window tint films are classified by the amount of light they allow in, by percentage. A 5% tint is much darker - and almost universally illegal on passenger vehicles - than a 50% tint. Factory tints on rear windows tend to be in the 50-70% range, so buying something on the lighter side might not actually accomplish what you are going for

More than 2/3 of our tint work is done on new or nearly new vehicles. In 2010 the average price of a new vehicle was $29,217. Lets say you can save $75 by going with the cheap guy. That is less than 1/6 of the amount of 1 month's car payment. And that tint is going to be with you until you trade in the vehicle 567 Posts. #23 · Aug 1, 2018. quoclnguyen said: Got my windows tinted from California glass tint on King Rd in San Jose. Had 5 others cars tinted there within the last 20 years with no issues (bubbles etc...) $100 for the front 2 windows (did not tint the small section on the front fixed side window) Precut tint is easier to install for all levels of installers from beginners to pros. Every pattern is guaranteed to fit your exact make, model, and year. Just peel off the pattern from the liner, apply it, and squeegee out the bubbles. Over 250,000 precut tint kits to choose from. We are your #1 precut tint provider This father and son business is NOT a 5 star, but a 10 star plus rating!!! Hands down the best place to get your windows tinted by a professional. Been Customer for Chris and his dad since 2017. My 17 Mazda tint job is still looking fly as the first day and now my 2020 Mazda CX-5 ready for the summer

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Hi, getting my windows tinted tomorrow. Llumar Formula 1 MN laws stupid 50% all around. But I want 35% on the hatch. I know tint can build up % wise. Does anyone know the percentage that the Versa tint is when factory installed. Hope that made sense. Thank Yo 631 724 7100 book an appointment. Apr 6 2016 we do window tinting jobs monday friday. 631 901 8445 call us for an appointment. 25 window tint before and after ~ Indeed lately is being hunted by consumers around us, perhaps one of you. People now are accustomed to using the internet in gadgets to view video and image information for inspiration, and according to the title of this article I will. The precut window tint kits from dimming film for automotive glass for Mercedes Benz by Tintcom Ltd, are designed specifically for your car. You can choose a percentage of visible light transmission - 5%, 12%, 20%, 30%, 37%, 46% of Johnson Window Films - series Marathon

With custom 2021 Mazda CX-30 wraps we offer at CARiD at affordable prices, every your dream color may come true, every picture or image you ever wanted will be easily found and ordered for your 2021 Mazda CX-30 at our site Once the tint is applied, you should avoid using the window i.e. raising or lowering it for a few days or until you have made sure that the tint has dried fully. Don't risk pulling it loose, which can undo the installation, forcing you to take the car back to the shop and pay to have it reinstalled This feature interferes with your signal for standard devices like the radio GPS Bluetooth devices phone or other technologies. Blessings Jeremy Creager 3M Tint Vs Llumar Tint Specialist. LEXEN 2-Ply Premium Carbon Roll Window Tint Film Best Pre-Cut Tint. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. 1-864-778-TINT 8468 All The Best Perfect Darkness Tint

Lower the VLT percentage is the darker it gets: 5% VLT: Super Dark, Limo style 15-20% VLT: Dark, Factory tint style 35% VLT: Moderate 50% VLT: Low 70% VLT: Very Low, looks almost not tinted Features: Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Factory Fit Lip Spoiler for the 2014 - 2019 Mazda 6 Sedan Your Spoiler and Wing King spoiler will include molded in metal inserts with matching machine threaded bolts, washers and lock washers providing superior mounting strength over other inferior products without metal inserts Buy Mazda 323 Window Tint Kit Kits: Window Tinting Kits - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase

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Texas retired cvpi window tint ~ 2232018 retired Feb 22 2018 10 Here in Texas the front driver and passenger side windows cant be darker than 30 but the other windows can be as dark as you want. However it is pricey At around 800. Your Texas retired cvpi window tint pictures are available. Texas retired cvpi window tint are a topic that has been searched for and liked by netizens today Atlanta's highest quality Mazda Window Tinting with over 1000 5 Star Reviews. Get Window Tint for you Mazda 3, 6, CX30, CX-3, CX-5, CX-9, Mazda3, or MX-5 expertly applied at Dynamic Appearance with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty How Much is Window Tinting in 2020-2021. Automobile Window tinting costs will vary from $75-$900 depending on the brand of film, the grade of film chosen within each brand, the car, and which windows need tinting. Your first decision will be whether to go with a lower cost film that will last a year or two and then need to be removed Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 26, 2014. Saleslady at dealer told me all EX-L's and above come with some amount of factory window tint (to keep leather a bit cooler) while lower models don't. I don't see that anywhere in honda.com specs list. I could see some tint on this dealer's EX-L's but thought maybe it was added just for the few EX-Ls. HOME / Chrysler / 300 / Auto News / News / Surprising facts about the dark side of tinted windows When it comes to the legality of tinted windows, many drivers continue to be in the dar

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What is the factory tint percentage on a 2011 jetta - what is the average operating temp of this car? also, at what temp do the fans turn on 9 Answers. i seem to be running hot yet have not seen the fans turn on. what temp is the fan switch set for Technically here in Cali we can't tint the front windows, but I had 20% done on the fronts and you can still see in during the day. I haven't been stopped for it yet. 2012 Equinox 3.0 1LT FWD<br />Mocha Steel / Jet Black<br />2005 Silverado K3500 Duramax/Ali DRW<br />2000 S-10 2.2 Fle Federal law mandates factory tint and provincial law mandates each province individually. Also keep in mind that your 35% VLT tint x factory 70% VLT tint is equal to about 25% visual light transmission (.35 x .70 = .25). Pulled from a secret internet source: article on Quebec VS Ontario window tint rules as I couldn't find the act again Available tint shades include 50, 35, 15, and 5 percent. Lexen's pre-cut kits use high quality, 2-ply (1.5 mil thickness) non-reflective film that is scratch resistant and capable of blocking. and for hold back. Lets talk apples to apples here. I sold Mazda's for a while. Mazda 3 iTouring with Moon and Bose Package, a great car. MSRP $21140. Invoice is $19876.11. $1300 in markup + $208 in hold back

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Choice of 5%, 20%, 35%, or 50% tint percentage What Customers Are Saying TRUE LINE's window tint received a rating of 3.9 stars from about 300 Amazon customers, which is 0.1 stars below the average Invented and continuously innovating tint. Improving comfort, helping to protect vehicle interiors and blocking UV rays are hallmarks of 3M™ Automotive Window Films. 3M was issued the first sun control window film patent in 1966, and our innovative window film products have helped provide protection from the sun's harmful rays for 50 years 1,440 Posts. Discussion Starter · #7 · Oct 22, 2017. Sal Scotto said: 50% is perfect i have white Qv with black interior i think that is the way to go. if you need a place the guy is in edison at the tint shop right on rt 1 (ask for rob) handed mine and also wrapped the car clear bra read work

In fact, among all films in the world, this one is the most state-of-the-art and superior quality available today. This film provides 97 percent IR rejection with 99.9 percent UV protection. Using this film, you can expect blockage of almost 100 percent of all window-penetrating heat Pre-Cut Car Tint Kits will set you up with a solid and affordable car tint. At $80 for a 4 door sedan and $60 for a 2 door coupe, you can get high quality Solargard HP film already cut to your car's dimensions. All it takes from there is a few hours at home and you can cut out the dealer and install it yourself With LLumar's exclusive range of window tint, you can choose a look for your car that truly complements your personality. Plus, you can rely on high performance and maximum UV protection. Keeps vehicle cooler and more comfortable. Provides more than 99% Ultraviolet (UV) protection. Helps protect upholsteries from fading and cracking WILLIAMSTOWN | 856-566-8468 MARLTON | 856-800-8468 block the heat. WE ARE SOUTH JERSEY'S WINDOW tint SPECIALIST! In business for 16 years and with over 50,000 vehicles tinted, we are the most elite shop in the tri-state area. Our team of installers has combined over 50 years of knowledge and experience making us the most qualified AUTOMOTIVE Read More

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This means the glass can have a darker tint than before. (There is no change to light transmission for the front windscreen and front passenger windows, which must be at least 70 per cent.) 'The revision was made in view of feedback from motor traders on the rising trend of European and Japanese cars factory-fitted with darker rear windscreens. New tint! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. C. cmpcpro · Registered. Joined Jul 6, 2013 · 435 Posts.

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If its from the factory it will be part of the glass with no seams, bubbles, or gaps. After market tends to be a coating of some kind on the inside of the glass that has all of these things. If you can scratch it off or if it looks like plastic wr.. Did this Mazda 626 that had taken the years of heat from the sun. We tinted the car in gloabl ceramic qdp. The back of the car was done with 4 percent on the back and the 2 fronts in 19. The front windshield for a light layer of 50 to cut down the glare at night and the heat INNOVATION THAT RAISES THE BAR. From the latest i-Activsense advanced safety technologies, to the clever connectivity of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the technology found in Mazda CX-5 is on a new level. MZD Connect with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. 360º View Monitor. Heated & Ventilated Seats and heated steering wheel If you are looking for the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look - then 3M™ Crystalline Automotive Window Films feature a proprietary, multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it® Note

37 percent of UVA radiation. while laminated glass (used in windscreens and some side windows) blocks all UVB and about 80 percent of UVA. RACQ tests have shown that: while tint films slow the uptake of heat through the windows, they also slow the loss of heat. the heat rise and loss with film present are both slower, but the interior. Warranty At-A-Glance. When you purchase a vehicle from DriveTime, a 30-day 1,500-mile warranty is standard. After that, you have the option to extend your coverage with the DriveCare program with. A user on Reddit has shared factory glass tint amounts for the 2021 Tesla Model 3 in the Tesla Motors subreddit, as measured in California, with a Linsheng LS162 transmission meter. The details below, as measured and shared by Reddit user u/JigglymoobsMWO, show an average visible transmittance of the front side windows between 82 and 83 percent. According to WFAANZ, it will generally cost between $300 to $800 to have your car's side windows and rear window professionally tinted, depending on a number of factors. Online service marketplace, Oneflare, has a lower estimate of between $200 and $500, or approximately $70 to tint a single window. Some key factors that may influence the.

Windshield: no tint allowed except an anti-glare band on top part. Front side windows: minimum 35% VLT allowed. Back side windows: minimum 35% VLT allowed on passenger vehicles, any percentage for others. Rear window: minimum 35% VLT allowed for passenger vehicles, any percentage for others. For more detailed information please see below A privacy glass is placed by the factory that manufactures your automobile, or by the factory that you specifically contract to make privacy glass windows for your car. Generally, the privacy glass is used on a car's back windows. it is against the law to tint your car's windshield and front door windows, or to use tints that shield more. Mazda 3 black rims. Black black 2017 mazda 3 this vehicle is being sold certified e tested and includes the balance of any remaining factory warranty and a 30 day 100. Find mazda 3 black rims in canada visit kijiji classifieds to buy sell or trade almost anything. Find great deals on ebay for mazda 3 rims black

Specialties: Film King serves Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, and all of Pinellas County, FL, with the coolest in window & glass tinting. We offer professional installation, expert application since 1980. Auto window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look and comfort of your vehicle. As you drive, you'll find that your vehicle is much cooler and more comfortable. It also makes the. Learn more about the 2016 MAZDA CX-5. Get 2016 MAZDA CX-5 values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you Up to an EPA-estimated 25 city/31 highway MPG for 2019 Mazda CX-5 FWD models. AWD models with SKYACTIV ® -G 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, 24 city/30 highway MPG. Actual results will vary. Always wear your seat belt and secure children in the rear seats in appropriate child restraints

Pricing and Which One to Buy. The 2021 Atlas costs slightly more than last year's model. Still, we'd recommend the V-6-powered SE with the Technology package. Those who want 4Motion all-wheel. On average, car windshields blocked about 96 percent of UV-A rays. The protection afforded by individual cars ranged from 95 to 98 percent. But side door windows were far less dependable. The. Chevy expects the four-cylinder will make up about 70 percent of Equinox sales, with the other 30 percent going toward the optional 264-hp, 3.0-liter V-6 Step 5: Align the tint to the top to the glass. Be sure to leave a small gap of about 3mm from the top. Step 6: Squeegee the tint to the top of the glass to provide you an anchor point. Step 7: Move the window all the way up. Step 8: Squeegee the tint to the glass starting from the top. Work slowly and carefully, making sure to remove all the. How much is a 2012 Kia Sorento? Edmunds provides free, instant appraisal values. Check the 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl 6M) price, the EX 4dr SUV (3.5L 6cyl 6A) price, or any other 2012 Kia Sorento price.