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  1. Apply this paste to ant trails, pathways, entryways or openings in the house, and also in your yard or garden where ants are more prevalent. Borax & Peanut Butter. The third and final method of getting rid of ants using borax is to make a peanut butter and borax paste for the ants
  2. Ants aren't attracted to borax/boric acid alone, but it is odorless and can be combined with things ants do like to eat to create a bait. Each ant who eats ant killer borax/boric acid bait will typically die within 24-48 hours. But ants don't just eat it. They'll do all the work for you, too
  3. d that you want to try to kill just the fire ants and not any indigenous ants
  4. g, but Borax, also known as sodium borate, is an ingredient that kills ants before they have a chance to create an ant infestation. Latest Videos from Tipsbulletin Borax is a white
  5. Borax has no effect on ants topically, but can be quite deadly once consumed. The borax produces gas within their stomachs, which the ants can't dispel. As a result, they become unable to eat. Even more importantly, ants will carry baited borax back to their nests where it will affect other ants
  6. ate ants and other small insects that may have taken up residence in or around your home. Ant colonies (even fire ants) will completely disappear after just one application. But how exactly does this borax ant killer work

To kill ants with borax, you can sprinkle it right on the anthill. However, it's more effective if you use it in combination of equal parts borax and either maple syrup, honey or powdered sugar,.. A 50/50 mixture of borax and sugar will help to control ants. Sugar is what the ants are after and they wont be able to tell it has been mixed with Borax. Ants will readily take the mixture back to the next and share it with others. Borax is poisonous to ants and pretty soon the ant colony will be no more

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Borax uses in the Garden include using it as a cleaning agent or even as a repellent to chase away those pesky annoying ants. Uses of borax do not just end here. It can be effectively used in your garden because of various beneficial effects it has on crop output as well as plants. Borox or Sodium tetraborate is actually a white acidic salt Mix equal parts Borax with equal parts honey or powdered sugar, and a little water to make a paste. Place the mixture strategically into the garden. The ants will go for the borax mixture and eventually die off. Borax can also kill off roaches Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid. Powdered borax is white, consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water. When consumed by the ants they are unable to digest it which really messes them up on the inside Borax has been a proven ant killer. The key is making the right ratio of borax to sugar. Too much borax and the ants won't take the bait. This is not a spray..

Fortunately, you can use borax to kill ants. Borax is an eco-friendly mineral that you'll find in cosmetics, hygiene products, weed killers, and even homemade laundry detergents. When used to eliminate ants, it acts as a slow-killing agent that destroys the insects' digestive system A mixture of borax and sugar is an effective way to control ants in the garden. Mix half a cup of sugar and one and a half tablespoons of borax with one and a half cups of warm water. Soak cotton balls in the sugary ant bait and put them where ants are in your garden. Borax and sugar bait is an effective way to kill the entire ant colony Here is how it works. Mixing cornmeal and borax (commonly found in toothpaste) posses a considerable risk to ants health when they ingest it or even pass over it. Going an additional mile by adding honey to the mixture, conceals the taste of borax and invites more ants The borax is what will kill the ants, and the sugar is what will attract them to the borax. Ants don't see borax as a food source, so they won't come near it—the sugar will be an effective bait. 3 Close the jar and shake it For ants in the garden: If you have ants in your garden, do NOT drop the ant bait directly onto the soil! Borax and boric acid can act as herbicides and may harm your plants! Put the mixtures on tupperware lids and set those in your garden instead

If you want to get rid of ants in your garden, try this borax bait recipe. For this, you'll need borax, honey or maple syrup in equal amounts. Mix well and place this in the affected spot. To learn more about this recipe, click here Ant killer gel. Most garden centres sell an ant poison which comes in gel form. This works in the same way as boric acid and sugar. The ants are drawn to the sweet gel which is then carried into the nest for the queen to feast upon. Despite being a form of poison, the gel poses no threat to your garden or plants. Ant killer poison

Borax is an organic way to set up ant traps for vegetable gardens with these pests. Mix one cup of sugar and one cup of borax together, and then lightly sprinkle the mixture around the anthills. The sugar and borax look identical, and therefore ants will carry it into the colony This DIY Ant Trap is All Natural and is very effective in Controlling and Killing Ants using Borax. This trap is the best way to control pests in your garden.. About Garden Ants. There a two main types of garden ants, the red ant (Myrmica rubra) and a tiny black ant (Lasius niger) Both these are common garden ants or lawn ants. The queen ant over-winters and emerges in the spring. She will fly from neighboring gardens searching for a place to build a nest and lay her eggs A variation is to mix 1 part borax, 3 parts honey, and a little warm water to make a sticky paste. As with the sugar, the sweetness of the honey attracts the ants right to the borax ant poison. However, because honey is a natural humectant, it also traps moisture, affecting the exoskeleton of ants Insecticide. 20 Mule Team borax can make a good insecticide for some types of insects, especially ants. To make a natural insecticide, mix the borax either with sugar or peanut butter. Ants will take the tainted sugar or peanut butter back to the nest, resulting in the poisoning of the entire next

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Borax is extremely lethal to ants when ingested and also harms their outsides. Add a touch of honey to mask the taste of borax and to attract ants. Place the mixture where there is a heavy concentration of ants: you can even leave it in the mixing bowl. Ideally, the sticky substance will be taken back to the colony and kill the queen as well Like borax, baking soda is toxic to ants, and it is less poisonous to other animals. Mix a 50-50 concoction of powdered sugar and baking soda and place it near the ant colony. Although the mixture is harmless to most animals, they will be attracted to the sugary mixture, requiring you to reapply the bait regularly The borax however - despite having low toxic levels for humans and other animals - is toxic to ants, plants and fungi so it's used to gradually kill off them off. According to ANTS - a blog.. Borax is an organic way to set up ant traps for vegetable gardens with these pests. Mix one cup of sugar and one cup of borax together, and then lightly sprinkle the mixture around the anthills. The sugar and borax look identical, and therefore ants will carry it into the colony

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For ants mix 20 mule-team borax and white sugar; same amount of each -- it kills them. If you mix the boric acid with equal parts of sugar it kills the ants more quickly. But if you mix one part to three parts sugar the ants will carry it back to their nests killing many of those too 1/2 cup borax. 1/2 cup sugar. 2 cups water. Mix up all ingredients before dipping the cotton balls into it. Then place the borax balls in areas where you have noticed ant activity. This is excellent ant control with water, borax, and sugar! 2. Sprinkle It 1. Ant Killer. One of the borax's most popular uses in the garden is as an ant killer. Ants are seriously problematic, particularly when you're trying to grow large quantities of vegetables and fruits. There are all kinds of commercial products you can use, but borax is often more readily available DE kills some ants, but not all of the ants in a nest. Does Borax Kill Ants? Borax is quite toxic to ants. They can't smell it or taste it. When it is mixed with sugar, the ants take it back to the nest along with the sugar, feed it to the larvae and queen. Over time they die from boron poisoning

To prevent ants from eating your crops, Borax can be mixed with sugar to create a an ant trap. Mix sugar and Borax (half and half) and add a little bit of water to create a paste. Spread this paste onto a surface such as a butter lip and place strategically into the garden. The ants will go to the paste, consume it, and eventually die off Borax and cornmeal mixture. Using borax is a very effective way to fight the ants and kill them in your vegetable garden. You can use the pure borax mixture to kill the ants, use an equal quantity of sugar and borax in the mixture with water. Spray the mixture on the affected area in an adequate amount to kill them quickly

This process is an effective natural remedy for getting rid of the carpenter and other garden ants. Use Borax Mixture. Spraying a mixture of borax is effective in killing them. For this purpose, combine the equal quantity of borax and sugar, and spray the mixture randomly in the garden or wherever you notice ants. Sugar attracts them, as they. Borax is sold in most grocery and garden care centers. It is an organic solution to rid vegetable gardens of common pests like bugs and invasive plants. However, there are some cautions when using borax to treat vegetable gardens.Keep tomatoes healthy and safe from ants with a little borax Kimmsr. 7 years ago. While Borax does contain Boric Acid, the primary ingrediant in ant bait poisons, it is not a good choice if one is going to make a bait for ants. An effective recipe for a bait is to mix 1 teaspoon of Boric Acid to 8 teaspoons of sugar, disolved in hot water to aid in disolving those materials

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Can someone help me -- I got some bad gardening advice and added borax to my 3 raised beds. 1 bed nothing is growing in, and the other 2 are struggling in a big way. What can I do to counteract the Mule Team Borx. Any help would really be appreciated Using borax for ants is a natural, inexpensive, and often effective way to provide pest control without calling a professional. Some types of ants are pickier than others when choosing their foods. For minor ant problems, treating only problem areas where the insects enter or gather is usually sufficient. Scoop out a small amount of borax to. The borax slowly causes the ants to die and can keep more ants from visiting the area. Exercise caution because borax can be unsafe if you directly touch it with your skin or get it in your eyes or mouth. What makes borax so good for getting rid of ants is that it is safer than other toxic insect killers or repellants. In fact, it is a mineral. Mix the borax with powdered sugar at a ratio of one part borax to three parts sugar. Set this mixture out in your yard, especially in areas where you have seen ants foraging. The idea is that the foraging workers will find the sweet mixture and carry some of it back to the nest To make the ant bait, mix a small amount of jam with 2 tablespoons of borax and combine thoroughly. Put the mixture on a piece of cardboard or open container and wait. This recipe works well for sugar-feeding ants and can be used together with the sugar and borax bait to give the ants some variety in their diet

Borax is often applied to avoid the ant invasions in some areas or perhaps in backyards. Remember that borax can be poisonous to plants if it is not used properly. You are able to apply borax liquid or perhaps solid baits both outside and inside but be sure that you can use a lid or perhaps pot whenever you use borax bait in the garden of yours The key to successfully baiting ants is to use lots of bait stations, and to place them in easy reach of the ants. If you commonly see a group of ants marching in a line along a certain wall, place your bait there because this is an ant highway back to the nest you're trying to kill For killing carpenter ants and other ants you may find outside the house, mix sugar and Borax in a disposable container, and put on the lid. Alter the amount for larger or smaller infestations by mixing three parts sugar and one part Borax. Shake the powder together to distribute the two ingredients evenly Borax, also known as sodium tetraborate or sodium borate, contains boric acid and sodium salts. Together, these chemicals work as pesticides against a number of insects in your garden

Type of Ants Borax will Work or Not Work Against. According to the US Cotton Batting Institute, borax can kill a wide range of insects such as the fleas, spiders, and mites. For effectiveness, borax should be used in small concentrations to avoid damaging your plants or garden. Here are ant types Borax can work against; Regular Ants Borax is toxic to ants. When they ingest it, it disrupts their digestive systems, eventually causing death. However, they don't die immediately — the borax acts slowly enough to allow the worker ants to carry it back to the colony, where other ants ingest it and die. Ants don't eat borax on its own, though How to get rid of ants in vegetable garden naturally. 1# Getting rid of ants using boiling water. 2# Getting rid of ants using dish soap. 3# Getting rid of ants using citrus spray. 4# Getting rid of ants using dishwashing liquid and oil. 5# Getting rid of ants using cornmeal, borax, and honey. 6# Getting rid of ants using cinnamon Borax Powder. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of ants in your garden. Ants can't smell or taste borax, but research says that almost all ant species are attracted to sweet things. The best way to get rid of ants with this product is by mixing it with equal parts of water and sugar or using other sweet products like honey. Get rid of ants with this natural ant killer . This homemade ant bait can be prepared quickly and help you get rid of ants around your home and garden for up to year. Get Rid Of Ants. Springtime brings beautiful weather and the arrival of ant season. There are a large variety of ants that invade our homes and yards each year

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While not necessarily harmful to your plants, ants could also become problematic in the garden. If Borax for ants isn't an option for you here are some other natural ways to get rid of ants. Ants have a unique trait of leaving scent trails once they've found a food source. These trails contain pheromones allowing other ants to follow by scent A sweet borax ant trap is made by mixing three ingredients: 1 cup warm water. 2 tablespoons granulated sugar. 1 tablespoon borax. Mix the ingredients together, then soak cotton balls in the mixture for about a minute, pressing them down to be sure they are thoroughly soaked. Remove the cotton balls and place them on a flat surface with a low.

HARRIS Ant Killer, 3oz Liquid Borax Value Pack Includes 9 Bait Trays for Indoor Use, Ant Trap Alternative. 4.0 out of 5 stars 2,188. $8.99 $ 8. 99 $9.68 $9.68. $8.54 with Subscribe & Save discount. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 10. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Borax placed in bottles mixed with a dab of jelly will attract ants. Ants cannot digest the borax and will die, taking many of their nesting family members with them. Borax can be toxic to pets so use judiciously. A few handfuls of cornmeal or baby powder on ant mounds can prove effective in eradicating ants You may have to spray this solution several times over days to get rid of red ants in the garden. The final and the most effective method is here. Use Asafoetida with Antiseptic solution like Dettol and water and spray near their colony. This method will work for almost every type of ant

Borax for Carpenter Ants. Borax is a white powdery substance popular for its astounding cleaning power. Besides, it kills roaches, mites, spiders, algae, molds, fungi, and plants. You will feel a sigh of relief by learning the fact that borax eliminates carpenter ants too. However, borax shows its effectiveness only after the ants ingest it If the pots and lawn had enough water the ants wouldn't move in. Improve the health of your lawn with proper fertilising, mowing and watering practices, and your ants will be less of a problem. Select options. Borax. $ 6.99 - $ 59.95. Borax is also know as boron and sodium borate and is a naturally occurring mineral

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  1. Second, most ants will naturally transport the bait back to the colony where other ants will ingest the bait and die. Most types of ants will respond to the bait. You will notice some dead ants in the vicinity of the bait within a couple of days. I find that within 2 weeks, it is difficult to find any ants around my home. CAUTION: Borax is toxic
  2. Borax Ant Bait Recipe. The following materials are required to make borax-based ant bait insecticide: 1/2 cup of sugar; 2 teaspoons of borax; 350ml (12 oz) of water; glass screw top jar with lid (for mix the ingredients in) small jar with a lid (to use as the trap containing the bait) cotton wool balls . To make this ant bait and trap
  3. Borax has a low toxicity for people and animals, but ants are another story. When ants consume the borax bait, it interferes with their digestive system and gradually kills them. This slow kill allows time for the worker ants to consume the bait and head back to the nest to share with the rest of the colony and queen

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Ants in the garden, Ants habitat, and Ants facts Ant nest. Red ants and tiny black ants are mainly two types of ants of your lawn or garden. These two types are very common. The Queen ant conceal them in winter and appears in the spring Create a trap of borax and sugar. Borax is highly toxic to ants, but if you mix it with something sweet, the ants will not detect the poisonous scent and will carry the sweet-smelling food back to the colony. When the queen and the rest of the colony eat the borax, the ants will die off. Combine equal parts borax and sugar Ants vs Borax. Reading in a few other threads Borax was recommended for killing Ant's and giving their nest a Very Bad Day [tm]. I got some today and mixed it in warm water and sugar with a 1:10 mix, 1 teaspoon of Borax to 10 teaspoons of sugar, it was nice and gluey in consistancy, and I put loads of blobs down on the Ant runs where they come.

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Borax has been called a non-toxic pesticide that's not only used to kill ants and roaches, but it's also used in cleaning products, laundry detergents and cosmetics. It turns out that this naturally-occurring mineral salt that comes from boron isn't as non-toxic as predicted How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax. There are many ways you can use borax to kill ants but my favorite way is to mix it half and half with sugar. I've seen recipes for ant killer that use smaller amounts of borax but they have never worked well for me. Borax and Sugar. Mix 1/4 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of borax for a quick ant bait

Garden ants are able not only to damage your plants but also to make your once lovely garden an unpleasant place for you and your kids. So getting rid of ants in garden is an essential aspect. Ants in the garden is not an entirely bad thing. Ants help to break down materials like leaves, tree branches, and trunks, which in turn serve as. This is the story you will read on the Internet about how cornmeal purportedly kills ants: Ants like to eat cornmeal and, if you spread it across the paths they regularly take in your home or garden, they will eat it. Given the dearth of scientific support for this system of ant-control, it seems unlikely to be effective

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  1. Both mound and black garden ants produce huge swarms of flying ants; these are the queens and males, which mate in flight. Many nests produce swarms of mating ants at the same time, which is why there sometimes seem to be plagues of flying ants. The swarms are a nuisance for a while, but they provide food for many birds and soon die down
  2. Borax can also be found in cosmetics, household detergents and enamel glazes. It is also used as a fire retardant, anti-fungal compound, a texturing agent for cooking, and creates the base for other compounds containing boron. Borax as a Pesticide Insecticides containing borax target ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and fleas
  3. ute or two. Place the balls onto the ant trails near their entryways and potential ants hangouts. When ants consume this poisonous bait, they will die within 24-48 hours
  4. ed from lake deposits in California. Borax is a cost effective substance that can be used in and around the garden to help solve a number of common garden problems and is suited for use in organic gardens. It's truly a natural wonder that has many uses in the garden and around the home
  5. 2. Borax is the salt of boric acid. It is commonly used for laundry as it is an effective stain remover. It is boric acid, not borax, that is used for making insecticides. How does boric acid get rid of ants? Pesticide products containing Boric acid can act as stomach poisons in ants, cockroaches, silverfish and termite
  6. To prevent ants from eating up your produce, create borax and confectioner sugar ant traps. Mix the dry ingredients with a bit of water to create a paste. You can spread this borax solution paste on flat surfaces (such as the lids of yogurt or margarine tubs) and place your borax ant killer traps strategically around your garden

Ants on June 23, 2017: Borax does nothing to ants they walk in it it doesnt do anything to them. Shyron E Shenko from Texas on June 06, 2014: I have to try this, but my ants are not in the house but Fire Ants in my yard. But I will try the peanut butter and borax Some more garden ant control strategies... Jam, honey or sugar water (and borax if you wish) can be dabbed on the base of aphid infested plants. That will hold the ants back whilst you set some ladybugs on the aphids. You can spray the aphids and ants, but the ants will have a store of eggs underground and will soon move back to start farming. Step 3: Wait for the ants to carry this borax mixed sugar into their ant colony. Borax is highly poisonous to ants and can wipe out the entire colony. If you want to do a similar method that is more natural and can help rid your garden of ants, you can simply sprinkle artificial sweeteners around the anthill. For example, use Equal or Nutra.

Terro Ant Killer. If ants colonies are driving you crazy, you need to read this article which looks at Terro Ant Killer. My backyard hobbyist gardening interest got me into trouble with an evasive ant colony infestation.. So if you think you know what you need to get rid of ants outside your house or ant streaks that show up inside your home, Terro Ant Killer is the rage at the moment Ant nests can last for many years, with worker ants excavating it, fighting off any predators, and feeding their queen and larvae. Don't allow the nests to give you endless grief by using one of the solutions below. 1. How to remove ant hills in your garden Benefits of having ants in your vegetable garden. The two most popular ants in gardens in the western world are the red ants and black ants. The red ants have a painful bite, while the black ones don't normally bite. If you spot any type of ant in your garden, below are the benefits you can expect. Better soil aeration 4. Disinfect and Clean your Garden Tools and Surface Mix a tablespoon of borax in a liter of warm water. Make use of this solution to soak and scrub pots and tools. 5. Ant Killer If you want to get rid of ants in your garden, try this borax bait hack or borax ant bait recipe. For this, you'll need - watch video

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Borax Baits. Mix ½ part borax with 1 part sugar. Fill bottle caps with the mixture and set near where you see ant trails. Mix ½ part borax and 1 part sugar (or honey) with water to form a paste. Spread the paste on strips of cardboard and place where ant trails are visible. Mix ½ cup sugar with 1 cup water, and add 2 tbsp. of borax Using Borax For Carpenter Ants. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined from the ground and used to produce a variety of products. It can be found in a variety of products ranging from toothpaste, cosmetics, weed killers, and soaps. This mineral is sometimes used to replace laundry detergents A borax-containing ant killer is an effective way to bait and kill these little critters. Carpenter Ants. Carpenter ants are a big problem for the garden and the home. Coming in at 6 to 12mm for workers and 18 to 20mm for mating males and the queen, they are one of the largest ant species you will encounter Patio & Garden / Borax Ants. 1 - 40 1 to 40 of 1,000+ products. Refine by | Top Brands. left hand navigation Skip to Search Results. Gifting. Gift eligible. Departments. Patio & Garden; Delivery & Pickup. Show all . 2-day delivery . Deliver To Home . Search Product Result

Place your borax bait in these areas catch as many ants as possible. Baiting Ants with Home Products. There are different food items that you can mix with borax to bait ants. For example, you can mix the borax powder with confectioner's sugar and pour it around your yard, lawn, and near ant trails and entry points A fella wrote in to the handyman column to say he had being listening to a garden show on the radio and the commentator recommended using Borax soap and granulated sugar mixed in equal amounts to get rid of ants.The ants take the mixure back to the nest and consum both products. The Borax is deadly to them A particular pest in the garden, the black garden ant encourages the appearance of aphids. Because it harvests aphids' honeydew it often cares for this infamous garden pest. During summer months, when the colony is most active, the black garden ant may venture indoors in search of additional food sources for young ants

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Borax is the more common household item but both borax and boric acid will help get rid of roaches. How Borax Kills Roaches. For borax to work as an effective cockroach killer, the roaches have to eat it. Borax doesn't attract roaches but we've got some recipes for baits that the roaches won't be able to resist (see below!) In an ideal scenario, the ants will share the food with the queen (or queens, in some colonies). If she dies, the colony quickly disappears, as she is the only one that can lay eggs. However, if your boric acid ant killer is too strong, you will kill the worker ants before they have a chance to share your deadly ant treat with all of their friends Other Methods To Get Rid Of Ants In Vegetable Garden. There are many other common methods in the fight against these tireless insects, with different products or strategies. These other home remedies to eliminate garden ants : Copper wire to prevent them from passing. Fruits of Paradise. Borax with condensed milk or sugar Also you need to be aware that vinegar, being an acid, might harm the plants and soil you're trying to protect. Ants will eat a mixture of Borax and jelly, which will again kill individuals. A paste of Borax, hot water and sugar might kill the colony because the ants will carry this to the nest and feed the queen

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If your intention is to rid your veggie garden and lawn completely of ants, you could use more aggressive household products which will likely kill the ants. You could use a mixture of 1 cup of Borax, 1 cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon of water in a bowl to make a paste. Place the bowl near the ant mound Chookie: What worked for us was a mixture of borax and sugar in water. Several years ago, we lived in a house where there was an ants nest in the walls. Removing it would have meant virtually.

A more successful (but much slower) way of controlling ants is to put out ant traps or to create your own (a half and half mixture of boric acid [or borax] and icing sugar poured into an empty soft drink can makes a great home-made trap). It can take two weeks or more to kill an ant colony with boric acid, but when the job is done, it's done Borax: Borax is odorless and thus less likely to be avoided by ants. A popular DIY ant lure is a mixture of one part borax to three parts powdered sugar. Even though borax has a low toxicity, avoid placing the mixture where it is easily accessible to pets and children, such as under appliances and inside cabinets Need a quick and easy way to kill ants, use this Borax recipe! You should mix a half cup of sugar with 1-2 tablespoons of Borax and one and a half cup of water. It works best if the water is warm, and stir and put the mixture out near ants for them to eat. Having an ant plague at home can be extremely irritating They take the borax and sugar home and feed it to their friends & relatives in the colony. That kills the whole colony in a few days. You are effectively killing thousands of ants with just a couple of teaspoons of borax solution. Then you stop getting ants getting into your house, since ants from other colonies cannot follow the scent trail in

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For the solid borax ant recipe, you want to use a 1-to-3 ratio you'll want to mix the borax with powdered sugar. As an example, if you use three-quarters of a cup of powdered sugar, you'll want to combine it with one-quarter of a cup of borax Borax is the best substance that will kill ants; you should mix it with sugar in order to attract and kill the ants by using the bait. It should be kept in mind that the ants don't see borax as a food source, so, won't even come near it so, you should mix borax and sugar to make an effective and good killer for the ant Borax is a combination of sodium, boron and oxygen and is mined from the soil. Boric acid is a crystalline material made from borax. 20 Mule Team Borax is very effective in controlling a wide.

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Borax is a poison to ants and is considered as a natural way on how to get rid of ants from your garden and house. Source: i.ytimg.com Ants can be bad for the garden because they protect this article examines the role that ants have in maintaining a healthy garden If the ants are becoming a severe problem and you want to get rid of them without a lot of hassle, ant bait stations are available on Amazon or in most hardware and convenience stores. If you place these strategically around your garden, the ants will be attracted to their sweet smell and take the bait back to their colony, poisoning the other. Yes -- Borax got rid of the ants! Note: This post is a blast from the pretty far past — originally published in 2013, but relevant & updated in 2016 — because these darn ants, they are back every year. When I ran a Borax giveaway a while back, several of you asked if the Borax really did get rid of the ants. Yes! IView Post Borax. Borax, a mineral used in many cleaning products, is lethal to ants, interfering with their digestive system. Create a syrupy paste with borax, confectioner's sugar and water. Put the mixture inside shallow containers with narrow, ant-sized openings and place them near ant mounds or wherever you see ants If you have ants in your home or garden, you undoubtedly want to get rid of them quickly. Though pesticides and chemical treatments are commonly used to eliminate ants, such methods are not good options if you have pets Ants are also the source of food for many other insects, birds, and mammals so important to the ecosytem. What Ants Indicate. A sudden convergence of ants in the garden, or a line of ants moving up and down a tree, usually indicates the presence of aphids, mealybugs, or other sap-suckin