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  1. All of that led me to the end of the 2017/2018 winter season. I still had yet to get up Longs in the winter, or via the Cables Route, but a quick look at conditions, weather, and the all-important Longs Peak webcam helped lock in our route selection. And so, an all-too-familiar 3:30 AM rendezvous in Denver with my buddy Josh had us gearing up.
  2. d, a more direct but more technical route involving two pitches of 5.4 climbing to attack the summit block. I had spent days acclimatizing to the altitude, temperatures, and wind, and scoping out the route to see if it was even feasible
  3. Longs Peak - Keyhole Route; Paying A Visit To The Forgotten Ones + Longs; Alpine Dreams, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Climb the Damn Mountain; Keyhole Ridge; Closing Winter '09 on Longs; Longs Peak Ski Descent: South Face to Loft Couloir; Longs Peak Keyhole Route August 23, 2009; Longs Peak via Clarks Arro
  4. Keyhole Route - Longs Peak Longs is my favorite Colorado 14er for many reasons but primarily for the wide range of routes available that span several styles and degrees of difficulty. My ongoing goal is to summit it at least once a year and preferably at least once in the winter
  5. The most popular routes for winter ascent should be Keyhole Route, North Face, and Trough. Driving to the trailheads (Longs Peak and Glacier Gorge) is not a problem, except after a storm. The roads are regularly plowed. Snowshoes might be useful, but most of the East Longs Peak Trail tends to be either packed or windswept

The Agony and the Ecstasy- Longs Peak in Winter. I remember climbing Storm Peak last year and running into two guys who were going for Longs. Despite the relatively mild winter at that time, I wished them well, and remember thinking Longs was way out of my league, particularly in those conditions 14ers.com Route Descriptions for Longs Peak. Choose your route wisely and make sure it is in your abilities To get to the route, start hiking at the Long's Peak trailhead, and hike until you reach the cutoff for Chasm Lake. Hike to Chasm Lake, and contour around it to the right in the summer, or walk right over it in the winter. On the other side of the lake is Mill's Glacier and the bottom of the Lamb's Slide. The whole 2500 foot East Face is. Longs is a mountain that offers something for everyone. The normal route of the Keyhole is attainable by almost anyone in good shape. The Diamond offers world-class rock climbing. And the other routes - North Face, Keiners, Keyhole Ridge, Loft - all offer unique challenges

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From the Long's Peak Trailhead the route is a classic class 3 climb and measures 15 miles round trip with 5000' elevation gain.This is a long, arduous ascent normally that gets quite difficult and even dangerous when conditions are bad. Many people have died on this route Colorado 14ers • Peak Conditions. Condition Updates. 2021-07-14. Route: Loft Route. Posted On: 2021-07-14, By: nickcreek72. Info: Loft route is totally in summer conditions. Climb to Meeker is dry as well. A decent patch of snow at the top of Keplinger's Colouir when turning left away from the notch and toward the Homestretch

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An epic day climbing Longs Peak up the Cables Route with my dad for our first winter 14er. Amazing day3/6/1

Note: Climbing Longs Peak is extremely difficult and risky - more people have died on Longs Peak than any other fourteener - More than 50. I highly recommend you do not climb Longs Peak until you have climbed several Class 2 fourteeners. Give the Longs Peak route the respect it deserves. The Longs Peak route is a long ascent for a single day The Keyhole and Longs Peak via Longs Peak Trail is a 14.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Allenspark, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for rock climbing and is best used from April until November. Length 14.8 miElevation gain 5,039 ftRoute type Out & bac The Chasm Lake Trail begins from the Longs Peak Trailhead at 9,405 feet, and climbs around 2,500 feet to Chasm Lake at 11,823 feet. At your final destination, Chasm Lake ripples with the spurts of wind and Longs Peaks' monolithic granite stretches 14,259 feet tall into the sky

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There are two main hiking trails to Longs peak that feature Class 1 and 2 hiking up until the Keyhole, where the hike is considered class 3. Below, each is shown. The East Longs Peak Trail is by far the more popular route. This hike is attempted an estimated 20,000 times per year by hikers with a less than 50% completion rate The East Face of Longs Peak in winter. The Diamond is the steepest portion of the face. The Keyhole route ascends the back side of the peak; Kiener's Route climbs ledges and cracks to the snowy ramp on the left Longs Peak via the Keyhole Route is a heavily trafficked hike in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Longs Peak is the farthest north 14er (peak over 14,000 feet) in Colorado and the highest point within the National Park. Although it's a popular hike, Longs Peak is the deadliest 14er in Colorado claiming 19 lives between 2000 and 2019. East Longs Peak TH is off of HW 7, at mile marker 9. Wild Basin TH is off of HW 7 between mile marker 13 and 12. Wild Basin gives the easiest access to Keplinger's Couloir which can be used as a technical Winter route, or as a moderate Spring snow climb Longs Peak has more routes than any other mountain in the country - over 120, from exposed scrambles to cutting-edge difficulty, and pure rock to ice and mixed climbs. The Longs Peak trail starts at 9,405 feet

More than 60 people have died on Longs Peak and the majority of those have been on the Keyhole route. Longs is a fantastic mountain, one that is a serious undertaking that demands respect. If you're considering climbing Longs, here are 10 things to know that will help ensure a safe, strong experience on the mountain Longs Peak 5/15/2021 . NPS. Longs Peak Winter Conditions Advisory Winter conditions are persisting in the high country of Rocky Mountain National Park and will continue into June. Any venture beyond the trail head will require route-finding skills, proper winter equipment, and knowledge of winter travel The Agony and the Ecstasy- Longs Peak in Winter. I remember climbing Storm Peak last year and running into two guys who were going for Longs. Despite the relatively mild winter at that time, I wished them well, and remember thinking Longs was way out of my league, particularly in those conditions

Longs Peak, one of Colorado's most beautiful mountains, is also one of its most popular Fourteeners or 14,000-foot peaks to climb. The Keyhole Route, the regular and most traveled route to the summit, requires no technical climbing during summer months, generally from early July to mid-September depending on how fast the snow melts.During the rest of the year, climbers need to consider an. Route: Longs Peak Grand Slam (CO) Location. Colorado, US. Description. Climbing Longs and its four buttress peaks in one day is a five-peak project that will stir sturdy souls - Gerry Roach. The route includes summiting Mt. Meeker, Longs Peak, Pagoda, Storm Mountain, and Mount Lady Washington. The route is around 17 miles long and 7500 ft of. Avoid this bottleneck-and up the adrenaline factor-by taking the 13-mile Clark's Arrow Loop. This clockwise traverse ascends 6,300 feet via the scrambly Loft/Clark's Arrow Route before descending to the Keyhole. Start at 2 a.m. at the Longs Peak trailhead and hike 4.5 miles to Chasm Lake, beneath the gigantic East Face Diamond Longs is one of the most dramatic peaks in the Rocky Mountains, and this product will show you four dramatic routes on Longs: the Keyhole, the Loft, the North Face, and Kieners on the East Face. Additionally, the DVD will take you on two dramatic flights around the mountain, one in summer, and one in winter

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The Rundown to Longs Peak: Two rules come into play when hiking Longs: Start early and drink more water than you think necessary. When planning an assent, try to organize it so you can hike during the tail end of your trip. The few days of being in the park will help your body acclimate to the high altitude The short and sweet winter 14ers: 1. Quandary Peak (East ridge) The route up Quandary follows that ridge and kicks up there in the last third. The good: Everyone has to knock off Quandary at some point. The 6 mile round-trip and straightforward route makes this one a great first winter 14er

The East Longs Peak Trail is by far the more popular route. This hike is attempted an estimated 20,000 times per year by hikers with a less than 50% completion rate. Though this hike is difficult, and especially dangerous during poor weather, it is stunning, and doable for most intermediate to experienced hikers Winter comes early to the route up Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, as this shot from October 6, 2018, illustrates/NPS Though there are other search-and-rescue missions in the park, those in the Longs Peak area seem to garner the most attention Longs Peak in Winter February 24-25, 2006. Longs Peak in February? Well, it's worth a shot, right? How hard could it be? These and other sentiments cascaded around in my head when Bill from Chicago first proposed the trip. Last May, I climbed Mt. Lady Washington with Bill on one of his frequent climbing junkets to the Rockies and had a grand time Longs Peak. Longs is easily the most recognizable and iconic mountain around Estes Park-not only because of the distinct block that makes its peak or its engraving on the Colorado state quarter but also because it is the tallest in the area. So tall, in fact, it can be seen from Denver on a clear day. It is the only 14er (peak with an.

Fourteener Mountaineering Route - Kiener's on Longs Peak. Possibly the best mountaineering route in the country! III, 5.3, AI2. The route climbs the Mill's Glacier, moderate snow or ice on Lamb's Slide, traverses the Broadway ledges for a 1000', then winds its way along the left side of the Diamond with tremendous exposure for another 1000' past features bearing names like the Giant's. While Capitol Peak has only seen two deaths since 2010 compared to five on Longs Peak (as of August 2014), it is arguably the most difficult 14er in Colorado, as I attested in my 2010 trip report. As pictured above in the panoramic taken between Capitol Peak and K2 near the infamous Knife Edge, the terrain is rugged, exposed, loose and dangerous Derek has now climbed Longs Peak six times by six different routes in five different months, with his only doubling up in March - both winter ascents. And he's just 19 years old. I told him about my first time up Longs on our hike out. It was after my freshman year in college and I was 19 years old and did the Keyhole Route

Gary and I had talked on an attempt of the Kiener's Route on Longs over the last six months and with the continuation of a spell of beautiful fall weather, the time was ripe. Actually, the trip had three goals, to just get out on a beautiful weekend, the recon the routes around the Long's Peak Cirque and finally climb Longs via the classic. Leading south out of the Estes Park valley, a portion of the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway (aka Colorado Highway 7) crests at charming Lily Lake and offers tremendous views of Mount Meeker, Longs Peak and Twin Sisters. You'll pass the stone building of Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel, circa 1935 Longs Peak as seen from chasm lake. Winter 2019. Photo by Jack Barker. Longs Peak via the Keyhole route. Hiking to the summit of Longs peak is a serious undertaking and should be done only with the proper fitness, gear, and research. This is a 15-mile hike with more than 5,000 feet of elevation gain, which includes exposed 3rd class terrain The deadly allure of Longs Peak. At 2 a.m. June 9, Matthew Burklow hopped in his Honda Fit and drove an hour to the Longs Peak trailhead. The 25-year-old hiker planned on summiting the Front Range. A successful hike up Longs Peak via the popular Keyhole Route requires a pre-sunrise start and 8.4 miles and almost 5,000 feet of climbing to a 14,259-foot summit. The first few hours stick to smooth but steep trail, then at the Boulderfield the route becomes a rocky scramble with occasional narrow sections above cliffs where a slip could kill

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Longs Peak is popularly associated with the nearby Mount Meeker and together are known as the Twin Peaks. A Class 3 mountain, it's located close to Estes Park and can be seen on a clear day from Denver. Longs Peak is an iconic symbol as it is featured on Colorado's state quarter. Trail Routes Kiener's Route left, Keyhole is right Bikepacking Longs Peak Chapter has been Released; SURVEY for, Bikepacking to the Colorado 14ers Guidebook; How I Plan a Bikepacking Route; Bikepacks out my Back Door: Longs Peak Winter Duathlon; Past Bikepacking Adventure

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the East Longs Peak Trail to reach the summit of the peak revealed that from May 30 to October 14, 2002 an estimated 35,000 people hiked the East Longs Peak Trail, and approximately 9600 of those hikers reached the summit via the Keyhole route. See Climbing the Longs Peak Keyhole Route, a one-page summary of Dr. Wallace's project availabl Tragically, there are those who never left Longs Peak alive. A stone gazebo at the Keyhole formation displays a plaque memorializing Agnes Vaille, a well-known climber in the 1920s. The pioneer of numerous mountain routes in the Rockies, Vaille attempted the first winter ascent of the mountain's precipitous east face in January, 1925 Bonus Gnarliest Route: The Diamond. Longs Peak's east face is a vertical wall rising some 2,000 feet above Chasm lake below. The upper portion, named 'The Diamond', is a world class climbing spot. Alpine rock climbing at 14,000 feet will push even the most experienced rock climbers to their absolute limits Check with the ranger at the Longs Peak Ranger Station for current trail and route conditions. Backcountry and overnight regulations may apply. Weather and Climate of Longs Peak. The summit of Longs Peak reaches an elevation of 14,259 feet, rising 9000 feet above the plains to the east, and 5000 feet above the high mountain valleys to the west

If you have your eyes set on the summit of Longs Peak, then you've set your goals high — quite literally. This famous fourteener offers a 15-mile round trip hike along the Keyhole Route, a route which has over a mile of elevation gain, loose rock, steep slopes, narrow trails near sheer cliff faces, and other trying conditions. It's crucial to know what you're getting into before you. Longs Peak, North Face Cables Route (II, 5.4) The North Face is a historic gem and an excellent introduction to technical climbing. In the 1920's a large cable was installed on this route to assist climbers and became the standard route up Longs for many years (before the cables were removed) Longs Peak (Arapaho: Neníisótoyóú'u) is a high and prominent mountain in the northern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The 14,259-foot (4346 m) fourteener is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness, 9.6 miles (15.5 km) southwest by south (bearing 209°) of the Town of Estes Park, Colorado, United States.Longs Peak is the northernmost fourteener in the.

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Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular natural parks featuring 76 mountains each over 10 thousand feet high. Equally enjoyable on foot or from your car, there are four separate ecosystems: montane, subalpine, alpine tundra, and riparian. Each has its own wildlife, beautiful scenery including alpine lakes, fantastic summits, and stunning views Longs Peak. The scenic drive begins in Central City and travels to Estes Park. To reach Central City, take exit 243 off of I-70. Or for added fun, take exit 240 to Idaho Springs where you can take Virginia Canyon Road (T1). The gnarly road is reached by turning right onto Colorado Boulevard for a few blocks, take the slight left at Placer. PEAK OF THE WEEK: Longs Peak. Introduction. Longs Peak is perhaps Colorado's most famous and traveled mountain, and for good reason. Longs offers a variety of routes in many difficulty levels. Almost every one of Longs' routes are classics. From the class 3 ultra-popular scramble of the Keyhole Route to the mixed snow and rock. Longs Peak (North Face - Cable Route) 16-17 Jun 2001 - by Doug Cook. Peaks: Longs Peak (sorted/filed as Longs) ; Place: Colorado Saturday afternoon, under a weekend forecast for warm, calm weather - rare for Longs Peak - Kevin Craig and Doug Cook backpacked in from the Longs Peak TH to the Boulderfield Rocky Mountain National Park is the most visited recreation area in the state, headquartered in Estes Park. The Park's 415 square miles encompass a variety of alpine terrain, with at least 60 mountains exceeding 12,000 ft. Longs Peak is the biggest at 14,259 ft and can be seen from nearly anywhere

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To your left, you will find a bathroom, and on your right is a trail that would take you to the hiker's summit of Longs Peak through the boulder field and Keyhole route. Instead, continue straight for 1.2km to Chasm Lake. The trail now descends for 0.8km as it leads you to the views of Longs' Peak Diamond Face straight ahead The Front Range sits just west of Denver, offering a few 14ers to choose from, none more formidable than Longs Peak on the northern end. Standing at 14,259 feet, it offers the hiker a more challenging route compared to Grays Peak, Torreys Peak, and Pikes Peak to the south. The Keyhole Route is a Class III approach that is better suited for those with a more adventurous soul Background. On Saturday, July 25th, 2020, I began hiking to the Keyhole Route of Longs Peak (14,259 feet) in Colorado. The Keyhole Route is a 1.5 mile class 3 climb on exposed rocks and ledges, requiring the use of one's hands. I began hiking at 2:00AM and reached the summit shortly after 8:00AM, spending about half-an-hour at the Keyhole. Longs Peak - Keyhole Route. Approach Photos. After nearly 3 hours on a good trail in the pitch dark (3am start) the morning dawns. Early light upon Longs Peak and the Keyhole. Ah, the Boulder Field is quite long isn't it. Reserve camping and solar toilets can be found in the middle of the Boulder Field at 12,760 feet

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The North Face of Longs Peak, also known as the Old Cables or just the Cables route, is a good alpine route and the most direct way to reach the summit of Longs Peak from the Boulderfield. The North Face is a technical route of modest difficulty with minimal 5th class terrain. It is often used as a descent route for climbers who have used other technical routes such as Kiener's, the Keyhole. Kiener's Route, Longs Peak Kieners in red (photo from May 2010) We met at 1am in Estes Park, confirmed we had the needed gear, and drove off into the night. Steve and David had been in Estes a total of three days, fresh in from New York City, and were acclimatizing as best they could. Two days before, on the 18th, we had driven up on Trail.

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The routes up these mountains range from non-technical hikes to serious scrambles. The Knife Edge on Capitol Peak and the infamous Keyhole Route on Longs Peak are both good examples of the latter. For many Colorado locals, as well as avid mountaineers across the U.S., summiting every 14er is a life goal Longs Peak FKT (Keyhole Route) By Anton Krupicka. Jun 11, 2012. On Friday I had to be in Boulder for some most-of-the-day meetings with New Balance designers, so--after completing the classic. A trip report for Longs Peak and Mount Meeker in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. The route chosen was The Loft, a non-standard route up class 3 sections on Longs Peak's southern and western faces

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Description. This Grade III ascent is a great introduction to technical alpinism in the park and a classic Rocky Mountain route. There is only one pitch of technical climbing with the rest easy 4 th and low 5 th class scrambling, following the old eyebolts, which were part of the original cables established on the peak. The approach follows through the boulder field and then follow a long line. Route: East Longs Peak Trail, Keyhole Route. One-Way Mileage: 7.3, from trailhead to summit. For Map, Trail Mileage, GPS, and Trail Notes go to Page 2. Comments . The Keyhole Route is one of the best scrambling routes on any of the Colorado 14,000' peaks. From the end of the East Longs Peak Trail in the Boulderfield, the Keyhole Route begins Longs Peak is a craggy monster with several enormous vertical cliffs, set among the sea of 13,000 foot peaks that make up Rocky Mountain National Park. Viewed from the plains, Longs Peak's southern ridge presents a jagged profile resembling a beaver trying to climb the mountain, a familiar image to readers of James Michener's novel Centennial. Longs Peak. Kiener's, Colorado's most classic mountaineering route is what was described by others as we summitted Long Peak in mid-august. Kiener's ascends the dramatic east face of Longs Peaks, involving snow climbing, ledge traverses, technical roped pitches, and classic scrambles above the sheer diamond face Longs Peak is the pinnacle of mountains here in Rocky Mountain National Park — quite literally. The peak dominates the breathtaking landscape with its height topping out at 14,259 feet. And, as one of Colorado's many fourteeners, Longs is well known for its difficulty. If you're considering the trek to the top, you certainly have some careful planning ahead

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Mt. Meeker (13,911') shares a ridgeline and a dramatic alpine cirque with Longs Peak. The Loft Route on Mt. Meeker takes you through this famous and classic alpine destination via a moderate class 3 scramble. The final ridge after climbing to the Loft is exposed a dramatic, finishing in an astonishing move to the summit block Climbing up Longs peak in RMNP, Colorado 8. Longs Peak, Keyhole Route. This is a longer and more varied trail, cutting through many different types of terrain, but the scariest part about this hike is the high altitude and unpredictable weather The route shares the first 3.25 miles with Chasm Lake to the East Longs Peak Trail, which makes a counter-clockwise arc around the base of Mount Lady Washington to Granite Pass and the Boulderfield. You'll leave the main trail just before reaching the Boulderfield for a .45 mile, 700' scramble to the summit Peak to Peak Highway HighlightsHiking, biking, snowshoeing and other outdoor pursuits in the adjacent Rocky Mountain National Park are at the top of the list of things to do along the Peak to Peak Highway. But Estes Park is also home to a number of retail stores and a restaurant scene that rivals any mountain town in the state. In fact, since there are no commercial enterprises within the. Longs Peak is an icon of the Rocky Mountain landscape. At 14,259 feet, it is one of Colorado's tallest mountains, the only Fourteener in Rocky Mountain National Park.For more than a century, the mountain has inspired adventuresome men and women to test themselves against its bouldered slopes, sheer rock faces, and alpine weather